Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cute Song from "Redwall: Doomwyte"

Hi everyone!
I'm very sorry for not posting in a while: it's been really busy around here and I haven't found the time. :( Anyway, I like reading the "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques, a British writer in England. They're really cute books, and there's 20 some in the series. Anyway, I've been reading his latest one, Doomwyte. It's really good, but for those of you who may want to read it...I won't spoil the fun. :)
I found this really cute song in the book, and thought that I'd share it with you:

"Can I come a-courtin', sir,
an' can I woo yore daughter?
Aye ye can try as others have,
but nobeast's ever caught her.
Dance around an' tap tap tap,
d'ye think ye stand a chance?
Many a swain has lost his heart,
to a pretty maid at the dance.
Round the floor now hop hop hop
whirl her round just like a top!

Swing her high but hold her light,
an' don't ye try to kiss her,
four big beasts are watchin' you,
an' she's their little sister.
Keep on dancin' don't you dare stop,
wot a fix yore in, sir.
Yonder stands her stout old ma,
a-twirlin' a rollin' pin, sir.

Skip'n'jump now one two three,
through the window an' yore free!"

I thought it was cute! I told my dad that it sounded like him. :) I don't know the tune or anything, but it's supposed to be a fast song. (Redwall is a place full of mice/hares/moles/shrews/squirrles and so on, so that explains the "beast" part. :)

Thanks for reading!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose