Friday, October 5, 2012

Is It Just Me...

... or is something out of place here?

Horse Love

   It's been a long time since I've posted pictures of my babies, so I decided to take my camera up to the barn a few minutes ago when I went to feed them.

- hannah

P.S. Max has grown SO MUCH!

We sees what you did there...

Take Me There...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Aaw! This seems like it was so long ago! My baby!

The Three Musketeers

  And this is how I spent my childhood days.... >.<
  Me with two of my four cousins, Timmy and Sean. We spent hours doing stuff like this... and still do, on occasion. ^_^
  Below is all the proof you need.
  It went from party hats to clone trooper helmets in about 13 years. =D

My cousin Jamie got married... but we still do stuff like write our names on tape and put it on our foreheads. 

My cousin Sean still amuses himself with strange creatures from other planets. 

And my other two cousins? I need pictures of them. T.T 
My cousin "Big" Nathan (as apposed to my bro "little" Nathan") is also married; but we still poke fun at each other, and I get to rub it in that I'm taller. 
My cousin Timmy is also married and lives at the beach. He's now a police man and does and surfs during his free time; but when we do see each other, we have a battle of wits to see who can outsmart the other.

I love these guys; we spent so much time together, and I honestly have some of the best memories with them. My cousins were my playmates when I was little - Nathan and I used to have SO much fun with them. (And still do - when my mom had her heart attack in December and had to stay the night at the hospital when dad was out of town, Sean came over and we all stayed up talking and laughing until about 1:30 in the morning.)

We're a terrible bunch when we get together. ^_^

Monday, October 1, 2012


   Happy first of October, everyone! 
   I hope all of you have the best month ahead of you - I'm excited about it!     
   October is one of my absolute favorite months.

   I've recently been talking to a friend about managing our time, and I'm hoping to use this month to its fullest in every way.
   My life is slipping past, and I need to get a hold on it.
   I'd appreciate your prayers on that subject, and I'll be praying for all of you, even though I don't know you by name.
   I'm 18. It's going to be time for me to step up and grow up soon. And like my friend pointed out, we can't just wait for a 'magic time' to happen and suddenly we're there. We have to work for it. And work hard.
  Things don't just happen. We have to make them happen.
  And we can do none of it without Christ's strength.

  Let's work hard this month, okay?
  And a big thanks to my friend for conversing with me about it. :)

  Love you guys!

 - hannah