Friday, October 16, 2009


Alright...that took long enough...Hi. =D So sorry for keeping you all's been really busy around here, and it looks like it's gonna get even MORE busy. We had some friends come over to help us with the sc
hool (If you know what I mean...:)
Anyway, Belle is doing fine; she's getting a bit irritated and rath
er...fat. =D And....FALL IS AMONG US! WOOHOO! ...I've been dying to say that for a while, but never got the chance. =D The leaves are pretty much going here, and we're due to have snow Saturday! *is very excited* I LOVE's so nice. The leaves are covering the ground, the sky is turning to its deep blue, it's getting cold, (see your breath cold:), and the horses are getting their winter coats. I love going up to the barn and just burying my face in their necks and feeling how warm they are....*sigh* nice. =D It'll soon be time to double their feed and TRIPLE on the hey....and crack the ice in the water trough on cold Winter mornings, and then stick your hands in the freezing water and pull the ice chunks out....*shiver*. Oh life...what can I say? Oh, and did I mention sitting by the fire with most of the lights off and wrapped up in my fuzzy fleece blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book? Or peering out the window in the morning and looking through the bare trees at my horses plodding through the snow in the dim blue lighting? Or maybe snuggling into my bed at night deep under my comforter and cuddling with my cats Sheba and Jinx? *sigh* I love my home. =D *glances this way and that* Sorry, couldn't resist...I got kinda carried away. =D Oh well, you people know how it is. A dramatic 15 year-old girl just can't resist. Oh, and before I forget, we have two pet birthdays coming up. *grin* Our cat Jinx will be 3 October 31, and Red will be officially 29 years-old on November 30. (My little Red is growing up...) Ah yes, and at the end of October, myself, mom, Rebekah and Nathan are going down to GA to visit my Grandma...and guess who else I will be seeing? *is giddy* EARWEN! WOOHOO! *cyber hug* Love ya, sis! Ahem. Yes. Anyway, nothin' much else has been going on. Just the usual life of us mountain people. =D Dad is bringing back and exterminal from GA, and the laptop will have to go. *sniff* So I probably won't be around for about a week (or more) until he can get it installed. (This computer stuff is about to drive me insane...) Yeah, so. That's pretty much what's been going on. Also, just to give you an update, when the old comp crashed, it had 7,000+ of my pictures on there from 3 years time. We were afraid that we weren't going to be able to get them off, but we did. Dad sent me an e-mail this morning and told me so. They are now on the hardrive to the new comp, so, needless to say, I'll be burning them onto a CD as soon as I can. =D But that's the scoop, and we're all doing good. I'm going to put up some of my favorite "google" pictures, and that'll be all. Sorry this is short and all, but I'm runnin' out of things to post! Also, while I have your attention, I'd like to get your idea on something. We were reading out of Mark 5 the other day, and it's one of my favorite chapters. Please read it. It's short, and I was planning on maybe doing a short story on the contents of the chapter. On a scale of 1 to 10, please tell me what you think about that idea. If I did write it, it would be called "We Are Legion"....*Grin* it and you'll know why!

Thanks for being so patient! Love you all!

In Christ,

~Miss Hannah Rose

I love this picture of the TIMBER WOLF. Wolves are really neat...if they're not after you....=D