My Sketches

I love drawing. It's one of my favorite things to do, and often a vent for my emotions. Drawing is such a gift from God. The gift to have an image in your head and sketch it out on paper.

I hope you enjoy browsing over some of my favorites. Newest picture are first.

Tom Hiddleston
(Full Drawing - not a sketch)
(it didn't turn out quite the way I'd have liked it to... oh well. Life will go on. ^_^)

(full drawing - not a sketch; project from art lessons book)

Before I Could Ask
(concept from a dream)

Skittle King
(this came from a weird joke a friend and I came up with...
don't ask. ^_^)

You're Warmth
(concept for a dream)

Break Down
(revised of earlier concept)

Male Profile Study
(test sketch)

Byung Hyun Lee
(Full Drawing - not a sketch)

 War Letters


 (concept sketch)
Of All Days

 Dance With Me Tonight
(Cartoon-like sketch)

 Boy in Beijing

Joseph Gordon - Levitt

 Inspiration of Karate Kid!

 Tell Me Goodbye
(concept from a dream)


Guardian Angel

Pascal from Tangled

Elf Queen

Still Alive

Prayer Warrior


The Horse His Might

Boston Terrier

Angels in our Midst
- you can see an angel protecting the person in the wreck -

(concept sketch)

Once in a Summer

Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

Akita, Japan

 Brian Jaques

Male Hand
(concept sketch)

Dark Alley

Hate Tears


October Night


Rice Man

I'll Be There

Celtic Cross

Watching You

Storm Torn

Lemme Tell Ya'll

Wine Glass/Male Hand

Male Hand 



Anonymous said...

Hannah, these are sooooo good!!!! I LOVE the first one especially :) your so talented, not fair ! xx

Hannah Leigh said...

Thank youuu!!! =D Lots of practice. ;)

maddy johnson said...

Hannah these are amazing I love pascal from tangled and ur right he is cute lol.