Friday, July 24, 2009

A Foal is on it's Way....

Yup. You guessed it. Belle is pregnant. :) I'm so excited! She's due to have it May 31st, 2010.
I told Nathan, "Well...we're in for an adventure next year." And boy is that true. She's
what's called a maiden horse; she's never been bred before and this is her first time. With most maiden horses, they can have their babies a whole MONTH early, or a whole MONTH late. It varies. We've got a ton to do to prepare for this foal. I'm hoping that all goes well, because during the first few months, she can miscarry. Also, since she's never had a baby before, she may not be strong enough to deliver, and a ton of things could happen. Here's just a few pictures of some really cute foals. :)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

p.s. I'm sorry for this being so short, but I have chores to do. :) Hopefully I'll be able to post some more later.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No....I Haven't Died.... all are probably wondering what on this earth has happened to me. Do not fear. I have not died. :D I've just been really busy, and haven't thought up of anything to post yet...despite all of the good ideas. Oh well.
Okay. I FINALLY got an update on Belle; she's scheduled to be taken to the vet tomorrow at around two for the ultrasound, and then on Friday we're supposed to be getting all of them back. *is very happy that her horses are finally coming home* :D
I miss Red a lot. He's my baby. :) On Saturday, we're having a big party for my Birthday. Although, I won't officially be fifteen until Tuesday. (At 6:30 AM, to be exact.:) I'm having several of my friends over, and we're going to cook a bunch of food. The "theme", if you want to call it that, is a tea party. :) I found this absolutely GORGEOUS dress at the thrift store. I'm sure that a couple of my friends will take pictures...don't worry, I'll post them. :) It'll be lots of fun, I'm looking forward to it.
Anyways, I'm really sorry about the delay in posts; we've got something going on almost every week and the whole of August if slam full. I'm sure I'll do a post about the party and so on.

Well, I need to go. Tonight is Bible study over hear and people should be arriving...*glances at clock*....YIPE! NOW! Gotta run...BYE!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose