Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Fun!!!!!!

I really can't believe it's already OVER! Oh and I had a great time yesterday! Dad and I left for breakfast in the morning, went up to the Parkway to the Bluff's Restaurant, had a great time, went to the overlook, got some wonderful pictures, and then headed back home. As soon as we walked in the door, I changed clothes, freshened up, and then left with mom to go down to Winston-Salem. We got to the Mall at around 11:00, and stayed there browsing until about 1:00. SWEET! I got a couple of hoodies and some lounge pants that are REALLY comfy! We then went down the road to a Chinese buffet, I can say I've tried sushi. One word: GROSS! And this didn't even have the fish in it! It was rice, cream-cheese, and cucumber. Hey, but at least I TRIED it! They also had kimchi there, (main Korean dish...what it was doing in a Chinese restaurant, I'll never know...) I decided to try it again, as I had tried it in Ohio and hated it, but, nontheless, I wanted to try it again and see if I could develop a taste for it. Well, I managed to down it, but I still do NOT like that stuff. And it was HIGHLY Americanized compared to the real thing we had in Ohio! (Not half as spicy, in other words.)
After that, we went BACK to the Mall and looked around some more. We just sorta walked through store after store, not really buying anything but just, well...looking. :) One of the last stores we went to was a little Chinese store tucked in the Mall that hadn't been open long. They had tons of Samurai Swords, which completely fascinated me! I got to hold one and pull it out of the sheath, studying the beautiful blade. Ah...I wanted it. It had Chinese writing on it, so I asked the little Chinese lady there what it said. She read it in Chinese, but had a very hard time speaking English; though she was very, very sweet. They also had nunchukas, climbing claws, and some absolutely gorgeous dresses! They had little golden dragon statues, and I was tempted to buy one because of the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats, but...I didn't. :) I DID buy a BIG black ring, that looks really neat! There was a big glass case in the middle of the room that caught my eye as well; it had tons of knives in it! All sorts of them! Switch blades, flip blades, small throwing stars, double blades, and my favorite of all...balisong knives, or otherwise known as butterfly knives. Ooooh man they were SO neat! I got to hold one of them, and flipped it a bit, though very carefully, because I really don't know how. It was very, very nice.
After that, mom kept telling me that she had a surprise, and I'm going, "What is it? Tell me!!!!!!" Dying of curiosity, of course. Finally, we left the Mall, and mom took me to Cold Stone Creamery. I've never been there, and it was REALLY good! (Too good...)
We finally went home and wrapped up the day with watching Nicholas Nickleby.
All in all, it was GREAT! We had a wonderful time, and I'm glad I got to spend the day out. Lot's of fun! And thank you to all of the friends who've wished me a happy birthday and made it special! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Lord, thank you for 16 years!
                              UNCAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!! (the poor guy's still falling!)
 Saw this really cool Chevy Avalanche at the Chinese restaurant! 
A really nice wine-glass that I liked. (That's the hoodie a bought!)

 Balisong knife^
My ring!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Officially Sixteen!

WOOHOO! Can you believe it!? ...I can't! I know some people out there are like, "Why are you so excited????"
Weeeelll.......I don't know, actually...I just AM! Since I'm writing this post the day before my birthday, and it's set to go out in the morning at 6:00 AM, I'll post LATER about the events of the day!
I'm really looking forward to going to the Mall! Dad's taking me in a little while to breakfast, and then I'm coming back and mom and I are leaving. Tonight, I get to pick what we're watching, and it'll be Nicholas Nickleby! *grins* Yes, I know some of you HATE that movie........but, oh well. =D
For those of you who have already wished me a happy birthday, THANK YOU!

Love ya all!
In Christ,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sixteen in Two Days!

Yay! My Birthday is in two days! Mom and I are going to the Mall all day, so that'll be fun! I already got an early birthday present, which was a case of "Shania" perfume. No, I have no idea who the singer it was named after is, and no, I don't support her. Mom just got it for me. =D (It smells really nice!)
I'm looking forward to spending a day with my mom, and Dad's taking me to breakfast like he always does.

Also, a note on praying:
Is it important to pray?
Absolutely. We communicate to Christ when we pray. It's so important! It strengthens our trust in Him. Time and again I've prayed, and my prayers have been answered. When God doesn't answer our prayers, it's not that he doesn't "listen". Goodgrief...he KNOWS what we're going to pray about even before we pray it! He's not answering our prayers for His own reasons, and they are NOT to be questioned. Our God is an ALL KNOWING God, and He'll answer your prayers if and when He wants to. He knows what's best for us. ALL things work together for good to those who love Him.
If you haven't prayed today...DO IT. Stop and TALK TO GOD. Maybe there's someone you really like who you know isn't saved and you need to pray for them. Maybe a friend or relative is sick, and you need to pray for them. Maybe you're having a really bad day. Maybe you want to scream and pull your hair out because everything is going wrong. STOP. AND. PRAY.