Saturday, September 21, 2013

Of Symphonies and Rainy Days

Its not music - it's chaos.
It's loud, it's discordant.
It's the warm up before the symphony.

And it reminded me of life.

A chaotic bliss of sounds, sights, tastes; mingled together in one beautifully uncoordinated melody.
The quiet tap of the conductor on the music stand, the silence and waiting for the signal to start, and then music.
Music that blends perfectly. Music that flows smoothly.
Life that is breathed into the instruments.
This is a symphony; this is the symphony we call life.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Outing

So, I've been camping for the past few days. It was /freezing/, but I did enjoy sitting by the fire, writing letters, and drinking hot chocolate. The weather was beautiful as well. I got sick yesterday though, so mom took myself and two other siblings home, then she went back so her and dad could have some time. I'm feeling a bit better today, all bundled up in a hoodie and sipping coffee; I think it's just a cold and will go away soon.
Sorry I've been absent for so long; life's keepin' me busy.

Love to you all <3

- hannah