Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Persecuted Christians

Please, please go to my blog. There has been an update on Son Jong Nam, a North Korean Christian arrested in 2007.
...he is now Safely Home.

Please read. www.itsrealithappens.blogspot.com

Peach-Canning Day!

We just got a whole FIVE boxes of peaches, and have been buried in them since 10:00 this morning! (It's now 6:54...we just finished a little while ago!)
Here's some pictures I took from today:

More Frogs!

I've officially been nicknamed by my bro as "The Frog Catcher".
Night before last, I had gone outside to look for a couple of the cats, and while I was standing bare-footed in the land scape mulch, something moved at my feet. I looked down. It was pretty dark, so I couldn't quite tell; I was pretty sure it was a frog, but I didn't want to grab for it lest it were something that could...bite. Anyway, it was a frog, so I grabbed it.
"Hey froggy!" I peered at him through the twilight. As I turned to take a step back to the house, something ELSE moved at my feet.
I grabbed that one up, too, and took them to the porch to show Nathan and Mom and Bekah. After that I let them go.
THEN, last night, I was outside again right after dark looking for the cat. (Well...more looking for frogs than cats:) I was giving up when I didn't see any frogs, so I walked back to the porch, but was by the porch when something HUGE moved. A FROG!!!!! A BIG frog! I picked him up. He was HUGE! Here's the pictures of the funny little guy:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Video From the Farm

Here's a cute video of me leading Maximo around. :) He's so cute! This was a few weeks ago, so he's grown a lot since then. :) btw, all of Max's nicknames are:
Big Boy
Muscle Man
Max-A-Million < *loves that one*
Banzai (That's what I call him:) You know what's really funny about that one? I just, JUST looked up the meaning, and it said "Banzai: A Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph". =D Suits him perfectly!
Anyway, I love Max to DEATH! He's SO cute!!!!!
Here's the video:

Feeling Old

Yes...I am. :)
In nine days, I'll be 16. Already. As of July 28th, I'll never be fifteen again. Sad, really, when you think about it. I feel older. Grown up, if you will. More responsibility, the future looming closer than ever. About four years to finish school in, having to race to do that. Sadly, I haven't learned all that I need to learn for home-making, so I'm really, this year, jumping on top of all that. I'm learning to sew, raise chickens, cook, etc. I can cook, yeah, but need to work on it. Who knows when I'll get married. Five years from now? Six? I'm hoping to get married early so I can have lots of children, but not until I know for sure that I'm prepared. And, it's ALL in God's hands! I hate to think about it, but I might never get married, which is a dreadfully scary thought, but, in the norm, almost all people do, so THAT'S what I'm preparing for. As a good friend once said, I'm a KAHIT...or Keeper At Home In Training. =D My life is flying past me. Who knows what will happen. Who can tell? I'm going to take Driver's Ed next year. Scary.
I know it's kinda crazy to think 16 is old, but when you think about it, I mean...there's only five years until you're TWENTY!!!!!! WOW! It was TEN years ago that we moved up here to NC. I was 6. Now I'll be sixteen. Wow. Just...wow. I feel older, more grown up, more responsibility. I'm guessing that's a good thing. I...well...feel more mature? I guess? I DON'T KNOW! All I know is that I MUST use the rest of my time wisely. Girls and guys, you who are going sixteen and up, PAY ATTENTION! You're growing up! If you DO get married early, you don't have that much time left at boot-camp! (i.e. the home)! Think about it! Really, five or six years isn't THAT long. I'm still amazing at how TEN YEARS have gone by since the time we first moved up here! Blink, and it'll be over, the year will. It's now nearing the end of July...it seems Winter just started yesterday. The summer is, pretty much, in the next month...OVER. Think about it. AH! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! And you girls and guys who are 14-15...think hard about it. You may have just turned 14 and are thinking "Oh, 16 is a long way off; I've got time." Or maybe you just turned 15 and you're going "Yeah, me too. 16 is NEXT year. No rush." Well...I have to tell you something. You're wrong. Sixteen ISN'T that far off. Then it'll be seventeen, eighteen, then before you can blink, twenty, twenty-one and so on. Think about it! Time flies! One of Enya's songs (she's a singer) is My, My Time Flies...very suitable to this situation. And when she recorded that, it was 2008. One line says
"Maybe we step out again, maybe tomorrow but then, maybe 2010".
Yes, in 2008 that seemed like a long time off...BUT...here we are. I remember when that CD first came out. I was thinking
"Wow...2010....THAT'S FAR AWAY!"
....here we are.
Just stop and think about it. It may seem a long ways off...but it's not. Here we are.
Stop and think.
When you're sixteen, you may come back and read this post, thinking, "wow...did I really think that was so, so far away?"
Think ahead. Prepare. I'm growing up...you're growing up...even if you are 14, 15. Hey, even if you're 10, 11, 12, 13! Those of you who are older than 16...this applies to you, too. Twenty isn't that far off. Neither is twenty-five, thirty, so on. Stop and think.
Live your lives for HIM.

In Christ,


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