Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Writer's Troubles: Simplified

I came across these videos via my Best Friend's blog, and though I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo, they so apply to every writer! The process is so true... to all you writers: you're going to get a kick out of this. ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day of Thanks

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  What are you thankful for today?
My day was very nice, to say the least... we went to church for our service, and though it was small, and some friends were still traveling, it was good.
We went to have dinner at my Aunt's and Uncle's, right across from where we live, and there's this 'tradition', I suppose you could call it, that we do every year. We take a jar with colored decorative rocks in it, and each person gets five. We pass the jar around the table, and list five things we're grateful for until everyone's put their stone in. It was hard to pick out of the thousands of things I'm thankful for. I'll list the five for you I did tonight:

  1. My salvation.
  2. Friends, both near and far away.
  3. The art of writing.
  4. People that I've yet to meet, that I haven't quite yet.
  5. The story of life as it slowly unfolds.

So, those were mine. So hard to choose! One idea I saw last year at Thanksgiving, was to take each letter of the alphabet and list something that starts with that letter. Sooo... that's what I'll do!
I'm sitting here at 10:08, tired, a little cold, and in my warm plaid over shirt, thinking about people, near and far...
The stars were so bright tonight as I walked down our gravel driveway, it was almost like you could reach out and touch them. But I can't... they're too far away. But maybe. Maybe one day.

A Amazing grace; His love to me.(And Angels – I have to mention in the same one! Smiling Angels, too.)
B. Breath. The next I take is only of Him.
C. Culture. The difference, the languages. Even though things are fallen, He is King.
D. Delight. The delights of life, the love of life. (And Dragons – I love dragons. Their strength. There beauty. Even though they're fierce – I love them. They're real.)
E. Emotions. For all of the craziness involved in being a 17 year old girl. All of the feelings that push their way to the brim of my heart.
F. Family. Blood related and not.
G. Goodness. That I have a heart that wants to help others.
H. Home. 11 years here, tucked away safely.
I. Imagination. The ability to weave unsaid tales, to dream big.
J. Joy. The joy of being alive.
K. Korea. I love Korea, and one day, I hope so much to go there.
L. LIFE. Every day is a page, every year a chapter, and every life a story.
M. Music. I hear it in my ears, though I didn't turn it on.
N. Names. The one thing given to us; what we're called by in life. Hannah Leigh.
O. Opportunities. They come and go; reach out and grab them.
P. People. I want to get to know people. People far away, people close by. I want to share His love with them. I'm a people person, and I want to help, somehow.
Q. Questions. Questions with answers, questions without... in the end, they're all answered.
R. Reason. That I'm not a dumb evolved animal with no meaning. That I'm created by a God who 'knows the plans He has for me' (jer. 29:11) – I'm here for a purpose.
S. Sun. The sun, so bright, so shining. It warms my skin; we are all under one sun.
T. Top of the world. That's where I am – He is good.
U. Understanding. The way two people can share something and not be afraid.
V. Victory. In the end, through prayer, through fighting faithfully, He wins.
W. Writing. The art – amazing art – of expressing your emotions, the ideas in your mind, and your dreams on a piece of paper.
X. … erm... what words start with x!? I could say Xavier Black... but he's a bad guy in my story! 0.0
Y. You. Whoever you are, you.
Z. Zeal. The burning desire to accomplish a dream.

What are you thankful for? Praise Him in EVERYTHING!

... I'm so tired. 
I'm thankful for SLEEP! 

*tired laugh*
Aaah... it's been a good day. ^_^

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello, Us

And here we are, the minds behind the book. ^.^
My plotting buddy - Caroline. (And yours truly, of course; along with my favorite shirt. ^.^)
I was writing today, and thought, "You know - "Cafe" wouldn't be where it's at without her..."
So, I shall say it:
Thank you for being my support and library! =D =D =D
Honestly - she's planned so many scenes and small details with me; my book would never be as good as it's getting without her!
As you can see - this picture shouts us: everything from the shirt I'm wearing, our smiles, to the chipped alley wall behind us. Hello, us.
My friend of nearly eight years, and my brainstorming extraordinaire for pretty much every book I've plotted. (And not finished, haha!) She's the best - thanks, Caroline, for storming with me on the smallest details. >.<
It's always great to have someone to go over plots with.
So, us - keep plotting. We'll continue to wound our characters, nurse them back to health, and then hug them.


- hannah