Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Times

So, here's a few videos of me and Nathan goofing off. :)
The first one is a scene from a Bruce Lee clip we saw on Youtube. :) The next two after that are mess-ups when trying to film that one.


WAH! My mom borrowed this keyboard
 from a friend, and I've been messing with it every time I get the chance! a warning...I do NOT know how to play the piano...I just...mess with it. I CAN make up a tune on it, but I don't know anything about notes, hand positions, etc. I took some videos of this tune I came up with, so I'll put those up. :) Once again...I don't know anything about pianos...bear with me. :) Also, this is the FIRST version I did of this tune...there's another one, but it's longer. :)
The next videos are part of three I did called "Remember Them", but I'm only putting two up. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cold Comfort

Alright, excuse my play on of words. :)
It's SO cold! *shivers* I've captured my hoodie and toboggan and won't let them go! They're mine! All miiinnneee!!!!!
...Okay. Sorry. :)
The leaves are disappearing like you wouldn't believe over two weeks, they'll probably be GONE! Ah...I love fall. :) I took a bunch of pictures when I went to feed the horses, so I'll post them.
Today's been OK, but I've been in a baaaaad mood....*growl*' I don't know why. My elbow is killing me, too, because I was tying my hair back in a pony-tail and walking through the doorway when my elbow decided to collide with the door frame, which resulted in a lovely "crack" and me going "OH OW OW OW OOWW!!!" It didn't hurt that bad until later that night...that's when I realized I couldn't straighten it out all the way or put weight on it. Lovely. :I
Anyway...Other than that. I'm fine. :)
I'm not quite sure what to I'll just put up pictures.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Say Goodbye

Lemon died during the night, but it was in his sleep; he was laying down and his eyes were closed. We buried him under our deck where nothing will bother him.
Good old Lemon. We've had him for six years and four months.
Hopefully, I can get a slide-show tribute arranged with one of my friends; I'll let you know if I can.

Love you, Lemon.

Say Goodbye....