Saturday, May 10, 2014

SCV Flag Raising

     today we went to Dobson for the SCV flag raising that we go to every year. here are a few of the pictures.

  me and my buddy marty

 nathan and dad at the grave stone of Aaron Tucker, who fought for the south in the war between the states.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Letter From a Friend

     i was cleaning out my desk drawers today, and i found an old letter from a very dear friend, and it made me think that in a day of emails, folders, and glowing screens, we should write more letters. if this had been an email, i would have lost it a long time ago, but today, i have it in my hands...

"Dear Hannah - 
I was just re-reading the "True Friends" book you gave me and had the sudden urge to tell you what a great friend you are! I hope we're still true friends when we're grown and married. 

You make me laugh when I'm feeling sad, 
You make me seem good 
when I feel all bad. 

No matter what happens
through thick and through thin, 
I'll always treasure
the great friend you've been.


     i'm so glad i have this, and i can fold it up, place it back in the envelope, and when i need a kind word from a caring person, i can pull it out and re-read it once more. 
    let's write more letters. they really are worth it.