Saturday, March 12, 2011


What a day! Mama and I went out for a day in Winston-Salem, and boy did we SHOP! I got some great outfits, including an adorable cap, and a dress for the High-Tea at the Father/Daughter Retreat. I also got some black sandals and Fila tennis shoes.
    Also...uh...I got my first kiss today.... 0.0
It happened in Chik-Fil-A...
We were sitting there by the window, and the guy in the "cow" costume was walking around, shaking people's hands and waving. Without warning, and picking ME, of all girls in that place, came over, gave me a pat on the head, gave me a hug, and then KISSED me!!! ...TWICE! (Naturally, everyone was laughing...) He then walked away, simply waved at another girl, (why didn't he kiss her instead!?), and then picked up a vase of Irises that were on the table, and brought them BACK to me, and then hugged me again! AH! It was absolutely hilarious, but I was blushing so bad my face got hot, and soon after he left, I got up and ran into the bathroom to laugh and catch my breath. UHG! What an experience! As soon as I got in the car, I called my Best Friend and told her all about it. She happily exclaimed, "So your first kiss was by a cow!" =D =D =D
It was...interesting, to say the least! Mama was teasing me about it on the way back, and said, "Now you'll never look at a cow the same way again!"
Nope. I won't!

Anyway - before that, we had stopped at a Star Bucks and I got a peppermint mocha, which made me kinda sad, actually, because it reminded me SO much of meeting my Best Friend at a Star Bucks in November and she had made me try her peppermint mocha - which I got hooked on. =) It was really nice, though. Let's see...we went to a Goodwill store, Plato's Closet, (which was VERY pop-ish,) Wal-Mart, a really big shoe store where I spotted some cute red shoes by a brand called "Lollipop", and bought my Fila tennis shoes, and...that was about it. But we were gone all day. Oh, and we went to Khol's.
It was FUN! So, here's the pictures of my loot. Enjoy!

My dress for the Retreat
Sandals to go with it
FILA Tennis Shoes!!
Shirt and Jacket
Cute knit shirt
And three new things in this one! The green shirt, 
the vest, and the cap. 

There it is!
Thanks for reading!

Always Fighting (but very worn-out),

Friday, March 11, 2011

It'll Be Random.....

This is me and my Dragon. I've had him since I was very little. He's cute - his sense of style is slightly wild, though, as you can see. He's a little on the ditzy side, but still lovable. I like my Dragon. For a while I wanted to get rid of him because I though he was crazy, but, as I sat on the floor going through my old Beanie Babies, I picked him up, gazed at him a few minutes, and realized it would be a heart breaker to send that adorable, multi-colored Baby away. He was too cute to let go!

     Okay, that was a little on the random side, but...I wanted to tell an old story, so I did. =)
Today's been pretty good...a little lonely, though. It was just me, myself and I.
I cleaned the quiet house, and decided it was TOO quiet, so first I sang at the top of my lungs (huh! They probably heard me at the top of the world!), and then I put in my Epic Score CD, turned it up loud, and as I scrubbed away at pots and pans, envisioned scenes that would be soooo cool put to that music.
Then I folded clothes, and naturally, chatted with the imagined characters sitting on the couch or helping me to put the towels away. That was fun... :)
Then I decided to make some cookies. Peanut butter cookies. It would be nice for them to come home and find freshly baked cookies, I thought. So, I went to work...this time pretending that I was making them with my best friend and having a blast. (Call me crazy, I know!!! But hey, what do you expect when there's no one else to talk to???)
     I've also been keeping up with that tsunami that hit Japan all day - if you haven't heard about it, you need to go to Fox News and look. It's so sad. It was a huge tsunami off the coast of Japan, and then it hit Alaska and Hawaii, and parts of the West Coast. When mama woke me up this morning, after a bout of grumbling on my part, she said, "You need to come watch this video - a tsunami hit Japan." The first thing I said, after a moment of slight shock, was
"Are they alright?"
I got up and watched the videos. I wanted to cry. It was so sad. After we watched them for several minutes, mama said a prayer, and I had my emotional break down for the week. I cried. I had to. It wouldn't be right not to. It hurt.
Please pray for all of those many have died and still will.
What will it take for them to wake up and realize that there is a God? This tsunami is huge, people - Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, now the West Coast.
....Please be praying for them.

Always Fighting,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Music Pieces

Here's a couple of pieces I've come up with recently. I love playing on my keyboard...

      The first is a "horror" theme of know, the kind where the simple "ABC" song is turned into something that makes you want to hide under your bed. I like the discord in this that, well....goes together. It really makes it!

The second is a storm-tossed piece - eerie, but slightly hopeful towards the middle; the kind of piece you'd find in billowing curtains or a full moon. A taste of the heartbreak felt by the one looking, and yet the knowing that they'll always be there.
And, of course, I apologize for messing up in certain areas....I'm like a student in the back row trying to get all this down. =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pictures of the Week

Here's a few "pictures of the week" for you to take a look at.... talkin' to me?
Me feeding the brat that broke her bowl...
Crazy dog kisses! (And me making a really weird face...)
He's my Big Boy! Look how much he's grown! Not even a year old yet!
Sheba and Jinx
Enjoying the sun
Nathan and Dillon
Rebekah acting out a scene from National Treasure
And the best part! A CD cover I made! The image credit goes to Google Images.
Sadly enough, we don't have a color printer...-.- So the picture quality is rotten, to say the least.....


Father's Bible Instructions

She's a He!

You got it....our chick turned roo.
Elizabeth is no more...she died, and Rocky Rhodes came into play. He's now the Big Boy of the clan. Big, bad, and aggressive....
I would much rather have "Lizabet" back! No joke...with thought for sure "she" was a hen - but I guess not! Practically overnight, this is what "she" turned into!

Ah well...
Here's how it happened....
We began to notice that "she" was looking a tad bit bigger than the others, and getting a huge comb and wattle. Finally, one morning, I stood outside "Hut 71", and heard the chicks quietly, yet giddily, conversing among themselves.
"The name's Rocky...Rocky Rhodes" said a cocky voice.
Day pipes up, "And what brings you to America, Mr. Rhodes?"
You could almost feel the smirk in the reply;
"Why, all the beautiful American chicks..."
He struts by Yui -
"Hi, how are ya?"
She sighs dreamily and practically collapses on the floor...

        This is what convinced me that....

Rocky Rhodes had come to town......

Epic - A New Series

Photos: Hannah Leigh
Music: Epic Music - Epic Drama: Siren's Call