Saturday, June 2, 2012

20 Things to do with that Special Someone

I've decided to list 20 things I want to do with my future hubby; I'm in that sort of mood today. ^_^ Repost if you like!

   First of all - of course I think about him. I'm a *girl*. I often write down ideas that pop into my head during the day; even if they're small, simple things. I think it's a good thing to do - so you won't forget. Plus, it's fun to come up with cute little things. And yeah, I know that marriage isn't all about cuteness and romance - but it's not all about bills, work and a one-note 'hello' every day, either. YES - that's a HUGE part of it; but my thought is that all of it can be *made* into something sweet if you try really hard.
  Second of all - I also know that thinking marriage will be heaven when your family life is hell is wrong. (And NO I'm not saying mine is hell. >.< It's not. By far. Sometimes I think it is when I'm in a bad mood... but it's NOT. ^_^) We all have to work on that. I saw a quote that I thought was perfect, and it motivates me to do better: "You won't be happy married if you're not happy single; happiness comes from being content where you are at the moment."
... wow. It's very true. AUGH - I keep on and KEEP ON having to remind myself of it, too! It's not easy when I'm angry, depressed or throwing a pity party. We have to *be happy* where we're at - and you can be sure that you'll be happy when you're married. (If you marry the right guy, haha...)
  So, with that said - just wanted to clarify - I'll continue with my post. ^_^ I'm not trying to paint the 'perfect picture' here; I know there'll be fights. I know I'll think I'M right when HE thinks he's right - and, yeah. BUT - I write this stuff down anyway, because I *do* want my marriage to be amazing, fun, and keep the cuteness that happens when two people first start falling in love. I have a lot of work to do to make that happen in my attitude especially - I'M TRYING. 0_0 *facepalm* Because I *want* to make it happen. I was writing in my journal the other night about how I want him to be my 'forever boyfriend'. Let me explain: everything's all cute and adorable with boyfriend/girlfriend, but after the honeymoon and everyday routine sets in, all of that just DIES right there. Yeah, it's not going to be as flirty as it once was - but it CAN stay. I'm convinced of that. Marriage shouldn't be an 'everyday thing'. It should be *special*, the way it was made to be.

SO - all of that said, *clears throat* NOW I'll post my 20 things. ^_^ (and yes... most of them are really cheesy. >.< What can I say. I'm a cheesy person. *laughs* To all of you guys: you can skip this if you feel like it; you'll probably roll your eyes at my sappy wishes. ;)

1. I want to cook meals with him on the weekends, trying new recipes and experimenting. It'd be fun to smudge flour on his nose from my finger or feed him bites of something good. ^_^
2. On rainy days, I want to snuggle up with him on the couch and watch a long movie.
3. Every evening if I can, I want to massage his back and shoulders after work for a long time; I just want him to relax and let me knead his muscles.
4. During the winter, I want to go outside with him, and I'd throw a snowball at his back. We'd get cold and wet in a furious game of tag, but after one or the other got caught in a tackle, I'd love to just lay there for a few minutes, laughing and talking.
5. In the mornings, when he leaves for work, I'd be sure to give him a goodbye kiss - and *not* a quick peck on the cheek. >.<
6. I want to go to a coffee shop with him and just sit and talk; make it a never ending journey to find out new things about each other, even if it's simply something small.
7. I want to spend late nights on the couch, talking, enjoying one another, forgetting what time it is.
8. Deep conversations. About life, Heaven, the vastness of the world and why we were chosen to be in it... things like that. They don't seem very deep on the surface, but once you start talking about them, they *do* become very, very deep. I *want* that. Those conversations that are usually lost after people get married. They seem to be the most memorable...
9. Stargazing. I've always, always wanted to lay out in the grass and stare up at that huge, vast canvas while at his side. I want to wrap my arms around him and feel warm and safe while being confronted with that never ending sky.
10. Go grocery shopping with him. Okay... that's sort of an everyday thing (almost)... but it's just a quirk I have. (I'm hoping he's just as quirky... I think he will be. ^_^)
11. Go to the beach and splash around in the ocean! I *love* the beach - and I want to be there with him.
12. Start each morning with a kiss and praying with each other; a small, special little quiet time before the day starts.
13. Slow dance late one night; just being close to him and closing my eyes.
14. Play with his hair while watching a movie. ^_^
15. Be in a photo-shoot together; it'd be sooo much fun! =D
16. Button up his shirt for him in the morning. >.<
17. Go on a date about once a month with him and go to fun little places.
18. Take pictures of him - LOTS of pictures of him.
19. Snuggle up on the couch with him on a cold winter night and drink hot chocolate. (With lots of whipped cream on top, naturally. ^_^)
20. Find time to write letters to him, even though we're together. Conversations and quiet 'I love yous' can be kept in the memory, but letters are something that don't go away, and can be held and re-read over and over.

... and I'll probably end up marrying the type that, when I throw a snowball at his back, will turn around and look at me with a prosaic expression, one dark eyebrow ever so slightly raised, and the obvious hint of amusement in his eyes.
"... why did you do that?"
I'll stand there blinking at him.
"Um... because?"
I'll have to catch the faint trace of a smile that appears as he turns and walks on, hands in pockets. I'll end up grinning and running after him, wrapping my arm through his and laughing inwardly that I ended up marrying this person. >.<

Yep. That's probably what'll happen. *shrugs* Ah, whatever. ^_^
Repost if you like!

- hannah

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tinted Blue

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This is honestly very, very scary. We watched it last night, and as I result, I had an emotional meltdown by myself in the bathroom. It's depressing... but it *must* be watched. If you haven't seen this, get out there and buy it. We *have* to do something. We have to.
   If you have seen it, post it on your blogs and spread it to everyone. This isn't just another conspiracy theory film - this is real. It's completely in plain sight. Please, please, PLEASE watch this. Even if it's uncomfortable and disturbing... it's what's happening in the nation we *live* in.

I won't be at all surprised if my blog is eventually taken down because of the things I say, because I cannot, and I will not remain silent. This is *my* country. I *live* here, and I simply can't just watch it go down. Don't think that you're not being monitored by our government - everything we say and do is watched closely.

Go buy this movie. I can't urge you enough.

The Agenda: Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Remember...

When the night seemed like it would never end.
When everything seemed frozen and unable to breathe.
When everything was dark, and sight was useless.

I remember prayers. I remember moments locked in time.

I remember wondering what would happen next.

But it's okay. Now, it's okay. It's alright. And all I can whisper is, thank You.

Look out the window...
Feel it in your soul...

Spread Your Wings

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Maximus!

Happy Birthday to my special BIG BOY!
At this exact time two years ago, I was watching him come into the world. He's grown *so* much!

I'll give him a kiss for all of you well wishers!
- hannah

Memorial Day Fun!

EEK! Yesterday, I had an *amazing* time up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went to Wild Cat Rock with my aunt, uncle, grandma and the pastor's family from church. AAAH! IT WAS SO FUUUN!! The pictures, I think, can tell it better than I can.
   I came back with loads of photos, sunburn, and a heart full of memories. It was fantastic. I hope everyone else that was there has the same feeling. ^_^ I honestly wish I could live it all over again - and when I have that sensation, I know for sure that that moment in time was *very* special.

- hannah

Megan and Christopher

Brother and Sister ^_^

I *love* this picture! My brother didn't have a clue what was going on...

having a Last of the Mohicans moment...

The thoughtful expression.... it has to be...

Megan and Rebekah

Comparing sunburns :P

A shoulder to lean on - YAY!

My lil' brother...

... as he sits by impassively while murder takes place.

Brothers and sisters portrait ^_^

Ah, manly love... they always keep that space between them. XD It's like a negative magnetic force! 

See - no negative magnetic force...

or here, either.



And this one is the *best*. By all means. 
We love you guys so much!!


Today is SPECIAL!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Let Go -