Friday, October 1, 2010

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It's been a while since I updated on that blog, so go there now! Here's the link:

Big Boy Max

I took these pictures of Max the other day when I went up to the barn to feed. Isn't he handsome!? *sighs* =)
I love that horse. He's growing up so fast...*sniff*...from seeing him born up to now, being four months old. Love you, Big Boy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chocolate, Cheese, and Apple Pie Filling

Yes, you're gonna think this is gross, but it's DELICIOUS!!!! Watch the video! Really, try it! =D

We've been canning apples most of the afternoon. I'm feeling very frugal at the moment: we've canned four quarts of apple-pie filling, ("I don't want to be a pie!!" And if you haven't seen Chicken Run, you won't get that:), have a crockpot full of home-made apple sauce going, are drying out sliced tomatoes, made home-made chocolate syrup, and have two one-gallon jugs of apple peelings fermenting for vinegar!  (Though I HATE vinegar, it's neat that we're making our own!) 
Ah...a satisfying day. =) And thank goodness for BFFs; moms and adopted sisters alike! (Speaking of which, I just remembered I've got to send out a letter to the afore said BFF...>.>)
So, it's the end of the day. A good day, for the most part. The only bad part is my muscles are KILLING me! 60 sit-ups, 60 curls, 40 squats, and a mile-long jog...every day. It's been cool and windy, and trust me, washing the dishes with a fresh, woodsy smelling wind rushing through the open window in front of you is GREAT! Now it's getting dark, but that has more to do with the gray clouds that are gathering and brewing above the mountain. Maybe it'll rain! The branches on the Big Pine are swaying. It's fairly quiet and dark in the house save the kitchen light, and good ol' mom still puttering about with end of the day chores. (Ah, yes, and my key-board clicking.) (And...Bekah playing in her room...and Marshal the dog shifting around in his cage...and Classical Music from the radio...) Okay, so maybe it's not all THAT quiet, but it's nice. :)

Anyway, there's my evening post!
Mission complete! No doubt!

Goodbye!!! Goodniiiiiigghhtt!!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Of Coffee

What would the world be like without coffee??? I can't stand to think about it! My morning wouldn't be complete without my caramel macchiato latte! Mom has these pictures above the kitchen window, and I decided to snap a picture of it this morning to post. If there's no day begins with brewing (haha) storm clouds. Oh...and did I mention that worse yet is the lack of caramel macchiato creamer!? THE WORLD ENDS AT THAT POINT! No creamer, no coffee. (I actually have a with my creamer, as dad puts it:) Okay, well it's not ACTUALLY a real's just regular coffee with a TON of creamer, but I like calling it a latte. =)
Taking the three picture frames up there, let me say what I think about each one:
Cappuccino--I love it! I have that a lot during the winter. YUM! So frothy and super-delicious!
Espresso--...uh...never had one. Though I want to try. I'm not a huge fan of really strong coffee, so I don't think I'll like it, but...hey...I'LL TRY!
Latte--I probably would for sure! Yes yes, I know it's espresso type...but it has LOTS of frothy creamy yummy stuff! (Yes, that sounded weird, I know!)
Oh, and just to let you know, I can't STAND that bland half and half stuff. BLEH! I absolutely love the caramel macchiato creamer. I first had a caramel macchiato at a Star Bucks in Winston-Salem when we went there for the Homeschool Conference. It was sooo good! Every morning I'd go down there and buy me one. (Yum!) And at the Star Bucks in Ohio when we went for the Vision Forum conference, I'd go across the street, by myself, and buy me a coffee, by myself. (Really, I felt rather grown up being able to go across the road in the city on a cold December day and into a Star Bucks and buy my own coffee!!!) love you. =D


Monday, September 27, 2010


YES! It's raining! It started raining yesterday morning and has been wonderfully foggy and drizzly and cold and...and...FALL-ISH! =D Right now I can look out the double door past the back deck at what I'd usually see as the mountain, but there's only an ocean of white. Rain is sifting through the pines and other trees and it's cold. I've been wearing a hoodie and toboggan all day. F-f-f-freezing! Oh I love cold weather. (Until it drags on for months and months and never seems to end...)
Saturday evening I went to feed the horses and it had cooled off a whole bunch. It was nice to walk around the pasture and see all the leaves that had fallen. Aaaahhh I love it. I feel like posting pictures, so here's some for you to see that I took Saturday, and also, I drew a several "eye" samples. :) I've been reading a drawing book about drawing eyes, which is one of my favorite parts to draw, and decided to show you my work. :)


In Christ,

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the rain! We needed it really, really bad. Everything was so dry and dusty. Help us to remember that You give everything in its due season. Thank you!

^ I tried to get it so you could see the labels, but that didn't work. This is a girl of American race and, as you can PLAINLY see, she's crying. =)
Another American girl, not crying. :) 
Asian guy, looking rather angry.
Asian girl, looking slightly hopeful, you think?

By the way, this is the new hat I got! I love it! (And yes, I'm supposed to be just doesn't look like it!)