Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm in the mood for laughing, so I'm gonna make you guys laugh with me! These are some of my favorite funny videos/commercials....

And now we get into people!

(Don't know what the lyrics are in this song - might want to mute.)

Okay - this one is a Korean coke commercial that Nathan and I absolutely die over every time we see it...

This. One. Is. Hilarious...

I bet I did every one of those things as a baby...

Hope you enjoyed!


Yes, I got my little guy. He's SO cute!! AH! We got him Thursday - he is absolutely adorable.
I thought you guys might like to see pictures, so - here they are.
His name is Pocky, which is a Japanese candy, and he's only about two months old.

I also got a Betta fish! His name is Rain. The little guy keeps me company when I'm sitting at my desk. ^.^

Tootle pip!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farewell to Squishy

I'm sad. Pippin just died a little while ago.
It started this morning when I noticed that his breathing was off, and he wasn't really interested in the parsley we offered him. (SO not Pippin...)
We took him to the vet, and they said it was some sort of respiratory problem; they gave him some antibiotics, and that was that. We came home, and the day went on, until just a little while ago. I went into my room, and he was just laying there. I knew he was dead. I picked him up, and really didn't start crying until I brought him into the room where mom was. My poor Pippin.
His nickname was "Squishy" - you wouldn't BELIEVE all of the crazy jokes we've had with that funny guy. I'm going to miss him. He was very squishy...

Dad said I could get another one, so maybe tomorrow, Mom and I will go to Winston to get one. I'd like that...

Love you, Pip. You were very squishy...very squishy, indeed.

Always Fighting,

Here's just a small taste of the jokes Nate and I had with him -
this is an actual song, though we changed the words to say "Squishy" ....
WARNING: Extreme dumbness ahead - continue at your own risk...

Squishing through the back door, squishing in the cold -
Communasquishy breakdown,
Complete Squishy overload.
Been through a squishy fire, I feel like a squishy glow,
squishy glow
Squishies passing on the freeway, my Squishy's on the run;
been runnin' from a Squishy, I'm not the only one.
And somewhere in the distance, a Squishy's taking flight
Destinations unknown, just squish into the night.
So much said, and squished, but after all: the time has come to 
squish it all, behind.
If you could see Squishy through my eyes,
You'd know he'd try to squish it all.
He's been squishing all his life, to stand up every time he falls
If you could see Squishy through my eyes...
I feel squishy up my spine
The squishy on my hands
I'm squishing here alone, With squishy arms again
Squishy ain't no stranger
There'll be a squishy star
And Squish will find it's way
Into someones heart
Too late for tears
No time to be Squishy
It's just the echo of our
Squishy song ...
If you could see Squishy through my eyes,
You'd know he'd try to squish it all.
He's been squishing all his life, to stand up every time he falls
If you could see Squishy through my eyes,
 You'd see that he will always squish
Somewhere out there is my squishy,
And a new squish will come my way
If you could see Squishy through my eyes
Through my eyes

...I WARNED you...


A Tale of Two Savages....

Okay, well...not necessarily. ^.^ 
Close enough, though. 
We had a BLAST! It was SO much fun! She's my girl, and I let the whole world know it! My Best Friend is absolutely amazing. 
The "Tale of Two Savages" actually came from a book title we saw while browsing the loads of used books they had at the Conference. For some reason, we latched on to it, so - there you are. 
I LOVED seeing her again - I cried later after we had parted and were on the way down the road because I knew it would be a long time before I saw her again. We had such a...beautiful time. 
The talks were amazing, and one was done by a man named Todd Wilson that was SUPER! Very, very good. 
My BFF and I were able to get a StarBucks coffee (YUM!) after staying up until 4:15 in the morning. Mom and I were staying the night at her house, and it was the "Lights Out" rule at 2:30. Well, we stuck to that - and were so tired we couldn't keep our eyes open. As soon as the lights went out, we hit and adrenaline high and began to chat. 2:30 very soon turned into 4:15, and we realized since we were getting up at 6:20 in the morning, we'd better get some sleep! We talked about SO much... >.> 
So - to sum it all up, another chapter was written in the Tale of Two Savages. We had the most AMAZING time - God is so good! 

To my Soul Sister - THANK YOU for being there! I LOVE YOU! Stay strong in Him!

Always Fighting,

 I LOVE this one - I have NO idea what this girl is doing....Singing an emotional ballad? >.0

 A REALLY bad case of the giggles...