Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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It Is Real


Yes, I got a new do. Again. I took pictures, still hasn't downloaded them. It'll be maybe next week or so. I hope to get them up. :) So, now I've got bangs. You'll be shocked. XD MUWHAHAHAAA!
Alright. I'm done. Yes. Quite.
Soooo...Belle. She's doing very good. Getting very fat, and actually a little more sweet. So, that's good. It's cloudy here right now...and it's supposed to rain. Joy. Oh well, at least that's better than snow. It's been pretty nice for the past couple of days; nice enough for me to let my window down a little. I enjoyed it very much, to say the least. =D I'm doing well. Going tomorrow for a post-op. Hopefully they'll say I can climb up in my loftbed now!

Anyway, that's about it. Hope you all are doing well. :)

In Christ,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The movie Crossing was made in 2008 by Korean director Kim Tae-Kyun and won the best foreign language film award. About a father who risks his life crossing the North Korean boarder into China to get food for his family, it's a very good movie and will keep you in suspense. Although this film was not made by Christians, it has multiple references to the Bible and Christ throughout. The dialogue is in Korean, but it has English subtitles, which I found easy to keep up with. If you wish to read more about this movie, you can go here.

The movie is in part supported by Voice of the Martyrs, which is where we found it, and gives a fair warning about the film, which I think I should, too: It does have some cursing. They're in the subtitles, so you can't block them out.

The film accurately portrays the horrors of North Korea and what goes on over there, and it was pieced together from stories of actual refugees. Crossing is also based on a true story. Before anyone watches this, I strongly suggest that your parents see it first.

Also, for some reason, the embedded trailer has popped up two times and I can't get the second to go away. Sorry. :)

Crossing - Trailer from LiNK Global on Vimeo.