Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tiny Life

Have you ever wondered about life? Look how tiny these two are...
This is a nest that's built in the rafters of our barn; it's amazing to watch the mama take care of them. They're so cute. ^.^

Life has been amazing lately. I love my family. Everyone has ups and downs... but I love my family. They're pretty crazy... just like me. =D
We've been pretty busy, so I'm sorry about not publishing often - we've just got a lot going on. This week, mom and I are going on our outing to the mall - YES! I'm so excited! We're going to have a great time. I can't believe this month I'll be 17! DAH! 0.0 But... life is good.

God is amazing - He's always faithful. I've been thinking about Him a lot lately.
In the mornings, I've been fetching me a mug of hot coffee, and sitting in my rocking chair, back and forth, back and forth, looking at the floor, thinking, praying. I've got so many people I'm praying for... it almost hurts my head! (In a good way, of course...)
And I know that He is always faithful - so, who can I fear, exactly?
Praise His name! Don't let the day begin without it, and don't let it end without it!

- Hannah

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
Yaaaayyy! Last night we had about thirty people here - chaotic bliss! - and we set off fireworks and had the best time ever!
The boys had their epic Army Men battle down in the pasture; they set up a fort, had paper houses, and used firecrackers, "jack rabbits", and missiles to explode everything... literally!
We had a big meal, and it was loud - lovely loud. Everybody was talking away, and it was - was.... GREAT! AH! *collapse*
I also had the best time doing a mini photoshoot with two of the boys at my church - the genra:
Hopefully, I succeeded in that to an extent, with the help of my models! You can go to my photography blog and check out the results! I was going to do one with Caroline, but she forgot her appropriate attire - so, that didn't work. But it was still awesome!!! AH!
Thanks, you two, for posing for me, and thanks, Caroline, for hauling all of my stuff around! ^.^

Once it got dark, the show began - dad, Nathan and his friend were setting them off, so I meandered down there and was appointed flashlight holder for the ammo loaders. :)
It was fuuuuuunn!
Then, to wrap it up, we took some more cool pictures of our friend with his lightsaber - aaaaawwwwwesome pictures! EEK! (I went on a photo mania spree - can you tell?)

So - Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful time - I did, and God is so good! Praise Him for the ones you love!

- Hannah

P.S. Happy 7th Birthday to my horse Belle as of yesterday! Love you, Bellie!

The Lightsaber!

 Him: "Explosives, explosives, explosives, explosives..."
 Fireworks! (If we only had Gandalf... ^.^)

Death of the Army Men...