Monday, February 18, 2008

What I do With My Time.

My name is Hannah. I am new at blogging.
I am thirteen years old and live in the North Carolina mountains.
It is very peaceful and green up here.
While waiting to be a wife and mother, I keep myself rather busy doing all sorts of things....

I enjoy listening to music from movie soundtracks and classical music,
I like to draw and paint,
I like to cook,
play with my little sister Rebekah,
offer hospitality to others,
and I love to write stories.

I have several goals for this year 2008:
sewing, crochet, soap making, learning to play the violin, piano, or harp,
and doing archery.
These are just a few.

We own two horses, two goats, five cats, and one dog.
(And they never seem to lack appetite!)

My schedule begins in the morning at 6:oo...
starting with getting up, changing clothes, doing morning chores,
helping mom with breakfast while my dad and brother, Nathan, go to feed our
animals, we eat breakfast, have family devotions, clear the table, do school,
and before you know's time for lunch!
After lunch, more school, more chores, then supper, eat, clear table,
change clothes, feed the animals again, come back, change clothes, do Bible reading,
and THEN we can call it a day!

So, there is my schedule. Out of breath yet?


The Girl who Tats said...

Cute, Hannah! I'll enjoy keeping up with you this way too!

nay nay said...

Hey Rose,
I came across your blog, and really enjoy reading your different posts. Keep it up! :)