Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day at Scott Brown's Farm!

After the Home School Conference, we left from there to Wake Forest near Raleigh, to go to Scott Brown's farm for Memorial Day. Scott Brown is the pastor of Hope Baptist and speaks at some of Doug Phillips' conferences.
It was so fun! They had Veterans speak and had lunch, there were rides in army trucks, and of course time to
speak to with the Veterans.
I talked to some
of them; it was very interesting to hear of their experiences in the war.
I also talked to Mr.
Phillips and his son Joshua, that was fun, too.
I met Scott
Brown's father, Mr. Bill Brown, now there's a person with a very interesting story:
Bill Brown was fighting at Iwo Jima, he was in a P-51 Mustang, covering the back of a B-29 from Japanese Zero fire, when he was hit. As his plane was going down, he parachuted out of it and into the ocean below.
Of course, he survived, and just recently, Scott Brown was interviewing a man by the name of Buck Bunn, and here is the funny part; Buck Bunn was on Iwo that same day, and he said to Scott Brown:
"You know, I saw
a man jump out of a Mustang that day. I was the one that accidentally shot it down." So Scott Brown did some research, and, there was only one surviver that jumped out of a plane-Mr. Brown! So, Buck Bunn was the one that shot Mr. Brown out of the sky! (Above is a picture of Mr. Bill Brown. And to the right is Mr. Buck Bunn showing us the gun position of the B-29.)
he two men were there at Memorial Day up on the stage, and Mr. Bunn said: "Bill, I'm sorry that I shot you out of the sky." Mr. Brown said: "Aw, that's alright, I forgive you. It was a nice day for a jump any way."
Isn't it amazing how God's providence works? Mr. Bunn had to be there that day, at that exact moment, to shoot M
r. Brown down, and Mr. Brown had to be there on that day, at that exact time, flying in the sky fighting off Zeros. And then, they had to meet each other, I find that so extraordinary!
Oh, and I met William Henderson; he landed on Iwo Jima on D-Day, he's eighty-six years old! (To the right is William Henderson.)
(Above is Pete Sowell and I.) And then I met this really nice man, his name was Pete Sowell, he said that he was a Coast Guard, he got to be on battleships. I thought that that was neat too.
Memorial Day was most probably the best thing that I've ever gone to, and I look forward to going again, Lord willing.

Here are some pictures of the speakers and the fun.

Oh yes, and I got to hold Triumph, Kelly and Peter Bradrick's son. He's sooooo cute!


Joelle said...

Wow, I didn't know you were there! It looks like you were up front. We were late so we had to sit in the hot sun in the very back, by the big tree. I put the answer to your question on my blog (as a comment).

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Whats your email address?

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Great music!!! I am very glad you could figure it out!

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Thanks Joelle!
Glad you like it! :)