Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall is Here!

Fall is finally here ladies!
Autumn is my favorite time of the year.....Here is a picture that I found off of Google, seeing that
I didn't have one of my own, but, I have hiked this trail many a time with my dad and brother.
We call this the 'Ghost Mountain Trail', my dad, when he was a little boy, used to come up to this place. It was an old cable car place, and my dad would take a ride here every now and again.
(Thus the paved road) The cable cars are no longer here, but the paved road is, somewhat cracked and dirty, but it still remains.
Up at the top, there is the foundation where a store and restaurant used to stand; you can still see the old drains from the kitchens and bathrooms. Dad used to come there while it was still in business, so he remembers where every thing was at.
If you veer off a bit from the road about half way up, there is a small deer trail, and if you follow that trail, you'll eventually end up at a sight where some old cabins used to stand.
All in all, this place is REALLY neat.
Anyway, here is a picture of Fall in the North Carolina mountains!



Anonymous said...

Hannah! Those are beautiful pictures!!! I think that autum is more beautiful in North Carolina than in California!!!
Love and Prayers,
CIA-Chirstians In Action

Madison said...

Gorgeous pictures Rose!! Loved the post. :)


P.S. Thanks for commenting you Scottish girl! :P

Savannah said...

Wow,that is pretty neat!!I am going to do a fall post soon as well:)but I don't think mine will be as interesting as yours!!

Rose said...

Thank you all!
Fall, like I said, is my FAVORITE time of year!
(and finally, cool weather arrives!)


P.S. I be than'in ye, bonnie lassie!