Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Several Announcements....

*Clears throat and taps foot on the floor...arms are crossed.*
Alright girls...once again, where are you?!
I have had no comments on 'Overcome' and only one girl sent in her address for the Picture Taking Contest thing!
Please comment on 'Overcome', I thought we all agreed to do 'Musical Mondays'! :)
Also, if you wish to receive a prize, you MUST, must, I say, send in your addresses by....drum role please...October 10-or you will NOT get your prize! (Come on, you don't want to miss a lovely bracelet with your favorite color and name on it, do you?:)

Well, I guess that's about it, but PLEASE send in your address, favorite color and name.
Oh, and PLEASE comment!


P.S. This is my sixtieth post!


Julia said...

Oooops, sorry about that! I meant to send you my address again but I didn't do it yet. I will!! :)


Rebecca Marie said...

Hey Hannah,
Sorry that I did not post sooner last night i was still trying to get back in the swing of things after our trip.

Overcome is a hard piece for me to fully get a image it more of just leaves a filling, very hard to put into words. But I do like it, it grabs your attention and seems to make you listen to it.

Ok I guess that sounds a bit odd. (Oh well)

Your friend
Rebecca Marie Martinez

Rose said...


I will look forward to sending your prize!

Sorry, I had forgotten that you were out of town! :P
Thanks for commenting!


Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Hannah! I am sorry for not commenting on your blog sooner; I have visited it, but have had some difficulty figuring out how to comment. Now that I finally know how, I shall comment more at length later, or perhaps send you an e-mail with some thoughts, when I have the time. I am quite busy studying music and French, but it was lovely to receive your letter and I will reply sometime, hopefully in the near future.

You have a lovely blog. I was so happy to see pictures of your horses! Also, I greatly enjoyed seeing the paintings by Waterhouse which you have posted. Finally, the song "Overcome" was indeed very relaxing. I think that its simplicity is part of its beauty, and it flows like a gentle stream. It reminded me of the piano music to Mrs. Judy's song "Refuge" (from the Never Be Shaken CD).

I hope that you have a good evening, and I shall try to comment again soon. Know that I am watching your blog, and am delighted to be able to watch you grow into a godly young woman!

Coram Deo,
Courtney Anderson

P.S. I have been unable to comment under any of the "IDs" except for "anonymous" so far. Please forgive my technical ineptitude!

Rose said...

Hello Courtaney!
I'm so glad to hear from you.
Don't worry about not having an ID except 'anonymous', a couple of other girls have this as well.

Thank you so much for commenting.
Yes, Overcome is a very peaceful piece; when I first heard it, I immediately thought of Judy Rogers.
I missed you at Conference this year, and, I'm not sure, but I think that we may not be coming next year! :(
I'll keep you posted about it and tell you why in more detail in an e-mail.
Please send me one and I'll get the address from that! :)

Thanks again and I hope to talk to you later.