Monday, October 6, 2008

Musical Mondays and a few changes.

Um, sorry about taking the fall background was giving me lots of trouble!
The HTML wasn't working right, so I had to take it off.
Anyway, I didn't get very many comments on 'Overcome', but here's what I thought;
When I here it, I see snow falling quietly, and a black horse walking in a huge snow covered field.
Not much, I know, but that's what I saw.
Let's see, okay, today's song is 'Lothlorian' by Enya. This song was originally written for the movie 'Lord of the Rings', but the director didn't take it, but replaced it with a different one. Personally, I would have put it in the movie, but I'm not Peter Jackson. (Thankfully!:)
Here it is, please tell me what you think. Please!!!
The song is towards the end of the playlist.




Madison said...

Sorry I didn't get around to commenting on the last one. :(
But this one is SO pretty! :-D Although I don't think it is Lordeth of the Ringethness enough. Okay, sorry about that. :P But it doesn't fit the rest of the music in the movie.
But it is SO gorgeous anyway. It sort of makes me think of a waterfall for some reason... anyway, I enjoyed it!


Rose said...

That's alright. :)
I do agree, it doesn't fit the rest of the movie...but when you come to think about it, it probably would have fit that part VERY well.

Thanks again!


Rebecca said...

I too am sorry for not posting sooner I have started to more then once but each time something came up so i had to drop it.

The song you put up for listing last Monday is a very beautiful song and would be great background music for when company is over. :)

Sorry this is short but I need to go again.

Love Rebecca Marie

Autumn said...

Well, I see the great universe God has given us, stretching out before me. Or I am in some green-blue, sparkling field, or I'm a mermaid, or Gali, Toa of Water, and I am swimming under water, looking at all the great things that lie there.

That is what I think of,

Rose said...

Thanks Rebecca! :)
That music is VERY nice...I use it at night on my CD player to fall asleep to, it's very relaxing, and sometimes, if I'm in a bad mood:P helps me to calm down. :D


Rose said...

Thanks, Autumn!
I believe that your first thought was the best, I mean, all of those stars and planets, that's a very nice thought!


The Shulamite said...

I think Lothlorian is very pretty, but my very favorite is the Braveheart theme. I love Medival sounding music, it makes me feel very quiet and peaceful inside. You should listen Nickel Creek's (folk/bluegrass band) song "Robin and Marian". It's beautiful.

Madison M.
"The Shulamite"