Saturday, November 29, 2008

Of Long Trips, Parades, First Snows and Missing Cats.

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry that I haven't answered any comments for a while; we've been gone to GA for five days
for Thanksgiving and my Grandma's 75th Birthday.

Here are some pictures of the party:

We got back yesterday and chilled out for a while, but today we're having ANOTHER Thanksgiving meal! *sighs and wipes forehead* We have been VERY busy!
We also just got back from the Christmas parade downtown, it was fun. We saw a good friend there too:

Here is a picture of our first good snow that we've had; we had it a couple of weeks ago. (Silkie enjoyed running around in it!:)

Before I go, I would like you to pray for Tucker: He went missing while we were down in GA. Dad was still here, but when he went to feed him, he wasn't there. It's been about three days, and still no sign of him. We don't know if he went back to his previous home
(if he had one,) or if he tried coming down to our house and our neighbor's dogs got him. So, anyway, just please pray that he will come back; I MISS HIM!!!

In Christ,


Madison said...

Hey Rose! How are you? Looks like you had a lot of fun! I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. :)
Awww. :( That's too bad about Tucker! I hope he'll come back!


Fox said...

You've been TAGGED! Hahahaha. 15 things your not afraid to admit and go tag 6 people. HEHEHEHE

Brooke said...

Looks like you had fun!!
I'm really sorry about Tucker. :(

Anonymous said...

The party look fun! Oh, I'm sorry that Tucker is missing. I hope he will come back. I like your blog, and thank you for following mine.

Anonymous said...

oh, and how do you add a picture behind the title. I used to have one, but I forgot how to do it! You could comment on my blog and tell me how!

God Bless,
Lauren Ann

Julia said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving... I did too! :)

I hope your kitty gets found! :(


Rose said...

I'm doing alright, I little tired, though. :)

Uuuuuugg!! OK, I'll TRY and get around to posting about me see, should I do something like:
"1. Fox is anoying.
2. I wish he wouldn't Tag me.
Sorry, couldn't resist! *snickers* ;)

It was alright, but the trip was looooong!

Lauren Ann-
You're welcome! <3
Well, I had a very hard time trying to figure out how to do mine; I couldn't get it to download. What I had to do was go to the picture that I wanted, and right click, then select 'set as wallpaper' and put it up on the computer as the wallpaper. Then I go to my blogger homepage and click 'Layout', go to the header, and click 'Edit'. From there, I put 'add picture' and select:
'Shrink to fit' and 'Behind Title'. Then I click 'from computer' and then 'brows'. Find the file that says 'Wallpaper' and select that.
It takes awhile for mine to download, but I don't even know if this will work for you! (we have a VERY old computer!!!)
Anyway, if that's too complicated (which I'm sure it will be!:) You could ask your parents if they could try...Hope it works!


I want to thank all of you for the sweet comments about Tucker; I hope too that we will find him!

In Christ,