Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Random Post

Hi eberyone...
I'mb sick!
Alright, enough of that! (but I am sick....:)
Well, it's snowing right now; in the mid/low 20s I suppose. A cold day worthy of hot chocolate, a fleece blanket, blazing fire, soft, cozy music and Christmas tree.
Speaking of which; we went to get our Christmas tree today. We usually get it the day after Thanksgiving, but since we were at my Grandma' didn't work out.
We went out this morning for breakfast, and I took a few pictures there:

This is an 'experimental' one; the camera i
s focused on the glass, but my little sister is in the background. I like it. :)

Here is my dad,

Oh, and on the way back from getting the tree, Nate and I r
ode in the back! That was fun...and COLD!

Okay, now for some random pictures; here is an opossum that showed up on our back deck last night. It found the cat food....

This is a picture of one of my favorite drawings. I had this book when I was a little girl. It's called "Songs from Dreamland"; it comes with a tape and this book. The song that goes with the picture is called "Mommy is Tired Tonight"....but....I like it....;)

Here is the mountain in front of our house, it's called Bullhead. T
his was taken sometime last week, when there was frost on the trees.

The best for last:
This is Lillian. She and her family came for a visit last Thursday, and
Lillian was 'marrying' my big Breyer horses. It was cute!

Well, what can I say? It's a random...VERY random post!

Thanks for reading it.
In Christ,

P.S. Do not forget the Story Contest! It ends December 21 at midnight.


Fox said...

Looks like a started a random post virus or something.....

Anonymous said...

I haven't forgot abouut it!

Lauren Ann

Rose said...

Fox- did! ;)


In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I have seen on people's blogs ( like yours) they have the simple womans daybook. It looks like something fun, but how do you get to use it?? Please return the question with an anser. Maybe you could comment on my blog so I will for sure get it! Thanks.

Lauren Ann

Molly said...

I have also not forgotten about it! I've done about 2 pages.


Robert L. said...

Fox's was a lot more random. the wall. Yours at least had some reason behind it. In fact the most random thing about it was the title.


Madison said...

Random post. :P Indeed!
By the way Rose, I absolutely LOVE your profile picture!! You look like a girl from medieval times. :)


Rose said...

I will comment on your blog when I'm done and tell you how.

That's great! I can't wait to read it.

;) Funny...BTW, were you going to write a story to enter?

Thanks! I like the picture too.

Thanks for commenting!
In Christ,