Monday, December 1, 2008


Okay...I'm very sorry about the text on the post before this one...something went VERY wrong! :(
Please ignore that...I'm not yelling--I promise!

In Christ,


Savannah said...

Hey Hannah,
I am soo sorry about Tucker he looks like a sweet cat:(I will try to send in a story if I can get it done in time:/ Don't worry you did not sound like you were yelling just trying to get notice:)

Rose said...

Thanks, Savannah!
Actually, the text was messed up when I published it, and when I tried to edit, it wouldn't let me...soooo...that is the result. The text that looks bigger was actually smaller, so it didn't look like that when I was writing....*murmurs* I hate Windows...;)

In Christ,

Autumn said...

Argh, mine did that one time as well.
And I sent mine in. It is extremely short, and a bit crazy, I know.

But I have no intention of winning anyway.

Anonymous said...

I might try to send in a story, but I am not sure if I have any time. I'll try!! =)

Lauren Ann

Oh, and I love your blog. soooooo nice, pretty, and good posts!

Rose said...

Um...wait...the 'sample' that you sent in WAS the story? Okay, that's fine!;)

Lauren Ann-
Try your best! I would love it if you entered. :)
Thanks for the comments on my blog!

In Christ,

Brooke said...

Don't worry about the text its still readable!!!!!