Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Name for My New Kitty????

Hello everyone,
Meet my new cat!
He showed up this morning out of the blue, it was cold, and he was shivering, and we were feeling sorry for him and so on...(you know how it works:)
Well, he's living up at the barn right now, but we can't figure out a name for him! He's got big gold eyes, and is about six months old. He's tota
lly black (as you can see), and is very playful.
We were considering 'Riley' or 'Smudge', those are alright, but not our favorite. Any suggestions?

Winners of the 2008 Photo Taking Contest:
We are working on the prizes...don't think that we've forgotten you! :)
We'll try and have them out by Christmas.

The Story Writing Contest is off to a good start; Keep it up!

In Christ,


Rebecca said...

Hey Hannah,
Well I am not good at suggestions for names but I just wanted to I am glad you have a new cat, I hope you enjoy him. Cats can be very good friends, as I have found with the three cats I have had over the years. I hope you will be able to have your cat(s) for many years. :)

Rebecca Marie

Rose said...

Thanks Rebecca!

In Christ,

Fox said...

How about Target practice???

Savannah said...

Alright here are a few suggestions and some reasons why:)...

1.Mr.Darcy(Darcy for short and you know why I would like that name:)

2.Caspian(well I know you liked that movie and I have always liked that name)

3.Edmond(no particular reason)

4.Henri(I just got done reading a book series and he was a mane character)

5.William(like the name:)

6.Obama(I'm just kidding:)

7.Jessy(love the name)

8.Tom(A nice name for a black cat)

9.Trever(like that name too)

10.Watson(you would no why)

There are many,many more but I wont go into them:) Any Austen novel characters would be neat!!

Madison said...

Hmmm... even though the name doesn't fit his color, I love the name Snickers! :-D Or Smickers... :P Also, another name I like is Mocha. :-D You just gotta love that name... And if nothing else, you can resort to KITTY!! :P Naw, not really. Okay, those are some suggestions. If I come up with any more, then I'll tell you. :)


Brooke said...

I like Riley mainly because it makes me think of Riley Poole on the National Treasures. :D I like Midnight although it seems fairly common..

Autumn said...

As my mother said, you should name him Charlemagne!!!!!
Well, I thought of Bow Tie. But nothing else really came to mind. I like Smudge. Savannah has some really awesome suggestions over there, though.