Saturday, February 21, 2009

Callaway Gardens & and the Father Daughter Retreat

First off, let me say that Callaway Gardens is the most beautiful place that I've ever seen.
Second, let me say that it's the best place in the world to have the Father & Daughter Retreat.
Lord willing, my dad and I will be going at the end of March, and I am very excited. This will be our third year, and last year, we took our bikes for the first time. We went a day early, and it was a
seven hour drive. When we got there, we registered, unpacked everything and got settled in our room, and then went for the best bike ride that I've ever been on. You feel like you could just fall asleep (if you wouldn't wreck:) it was just so peaceful! There were flowers of all sorts, and lots of butterflies and squirrels. It was just so much fun. Over the next few days, we rode probably all over the place in every spare moment of free time. We did the games there, and that's a ton of fun. There's this one game where you are blindfolded, and you have to follow you father's voice through this obstacle course, but if you don''ll fall in a stream. :) (or trip on a log....)
The meals there are WONDERFUL...and a bit fattening. :D But, nevertheless, it's great fun. If you haven't been, I'd encourage you to go. It's an excellent opportunity to talk to your father about his past and learn about him, spend time with him, talk with him, and ultimately, open your heart to him and grow closer to him. The Father & Daughter Retreat is a wonderful thing in my life, and I am so thankful that my Daddy will take time to go on a seven hour trip down to Callaway Gardens and spend four days down there, listening to wonderful talks and spending time with his unworthy daughter.

Thank you Daddy!!!

In Christ,


Michaela said...

The pictures are so lovely! How many miles did you go on your bike? I've never been to a Father-Daughter retreat, but everything I've heard about it sounds great! I'm so glad that you are able to go again this year with your dad! What special memories. :)

Kristen said...

Dear Rose,

That sounds absolutely lovely. I wish I was going with my father, too!

In Him,

Rachel M. said...

What a beautiful place! Love the pictures. :)

You have received an award. Check out my blog. ;)

God bless, dear sister!

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Rose said...

Thank you so much. It is a lovely place, and I hope that you may go sometime. You know, I'm not very sure how many miles it was! All I know was that after the rides, when we were going to bed: I had to take an ibuprofen, and before you could say "goodnight"...I was out. :D

I believe that there is just a tad bit of room left to register on I wish that you could, too! :)

Thanks, but, if you don't I skip it, possibly? I entered the blogging world with no clue what to do, and as soon as I started this blog...I was awarded. I love awards, but the person said that I had to award TEN other people! *cringes at the thought* So, if you don't mind, I'd kinda like to skip it. It's nothing personal against you..I PROMISE! I love you like a sister.

Thanks, though! :D

In Christ,

daughterofvision said...

Hey Rose~
I just read your sweet comment on my blog.....and then came over here to your blog for the first time and saw that you were at the father/daughter retreat last year! We were, too!! (my younger sis and I w/ our father) So....we probably saw you!
small world. :)

~Desiree~ said...

That looks so neat! I have always wanted to go on that trip, but we have not been able to. Hopefully, we can go sometime. I found your blog on Chelsy's blog. Your blog isreally cute!

~Desiree~ said...

Also, that blind fold game looks like alot of fun. I would love to go sometime. I have a friend that is going this year. Maybe you will meet her! Blessings!

Rachel M. said...

Oh sure! Of course! :) I totally understand. :)

I love you like a sister as well. :) It is such a blessing to know other young women who love their Savior and want to be different from this world. May God bless you and have the most blessed rest of the weekend!

By the way, how is your foot doing?

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged! Go to my blog for details.
In Christ,
Sarah grace

Rose said...

Wow! It is a small world. :) I believe that I remember seeing you, but I can't be certain. Are you going this year? That would be lovely to meet you. :) Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for stopping bye, I love to have new visitors. :) I hope that you can come, I'd love to meet you. That game is fun, but kind of tricky. :) What is your friend's name? I'll keep a look out for her.

Thanks for asking. My foot is doing very well. It is healing nicely and doesn't hurt very much, save for a nice big bruise on my foot. :P :D Anyway, I hope someday to meet you! Are you going to the Father/Daughter?
Thanks for all the wonderful comments, sis! :D

In Christ,

Jo-snazz said...

That sounds amazing! You are right, it is gorgeous!

I have awarded you!


Kris said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! :) That retreat sounds like something that would definitely be nice. Father/Daughter time is always nice because it's usually Mom/Daughter time. :)

Hope you have fun!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Rose!
I am excited to hear that you and your dad are going to the conference too! I am looking foward to seeing you there!

~Much Love & Many Blessings~
Miss McKenzie Elizabeth

Marissa said...

You have been given an award, go to my blog to see.

Rose said...

I'm sorry for not responding sooner. :( Thanks for tagging me, but I've been declining from all tags/awards because of how busy we are at the time. I do hope that you understand? Thanks anyway. :)

May I please decline? Like I told Sarah, we're real busy right now. But thanks anyway!

You're very right. I'm around the house 24/7 with mom, and it's always good to get a chance to talk to daddy. (Not that being with mom is not fun:) Thanks for commenting!

Yaay! Can't wait to see you there, McKenzie! I am looking forward to seeing you. :)

Thanks for awarding me, but, like I told Sarah and Joanna, I'm really busy right now. I may have a chance to get it later. :) Thanks!

In Christ,