Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Back!

(: This post contains MANY pictures! :)

Hi friends!
Well, I'm back from the 2009 Father & Daughter R
etreat. First of all...let me say that this post is going to contain about 50 pictures. :) (Trust me...I have a TON more than that.)
I really don't know where to start, but I must say that this most probably is the best Father~Daughter that I've ever been to. Mr.
Voddie Baucham was there and delivered a speech entitled "What He Must Be if He is Going to Marry My Daughter." It was EXCELLENT! Mr. Doug Phillips, Mr. Scott Brown and Mr. Jeffery Botkin were there. Mr. Botkin's daughters, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth spoke on how we, as young ladies, should treat our brothers in Christ. It was wonderful. I took a TON of notes, and wish that I had the time to write some of them here. I took my "So Much More" book written by Anna & Elizabeth, and had them sign it for the second time. :) I also personally met....*drum roll*....Liberty Phillips! I was so nervous when I went to speak to her...I was stuttering! I never, ever stutter. She's the most dearest girl that I've ever met, and I thank God that he allowed us to be friends. I also met Jasmine Baucham, and enjoyed her company emmensly. There are some pictures of us together. And I want to give my regards to all of my blogger friends that I met there, I greatly enjoyed their lovely company and love them like sisters! I met Julia from Julia's Journal, Emily Rose from An Old Fashioned Vintage Girl, Breezy from A Bowl Of Moss and Pebbles, Earwen from Thoughts of A SheildMaiden, and Cassie from Inside Cassie's Mind. Cassie and I have been friends before getting blogs, but the rest mentioned above...we JUST met! Emily Rose and Breezy are dear girls and I love them to death! Earwen (I don't think that she wants her real name here) is the most fun, lovely young lady that I've ever met! She brightened my day even though it was raining. It rained the WHOLE time, but that didn't matter....we enjoyed like-minded fellowship much more. Some friends from our church came with us, so we were able to sit at the same table together at the High Tea. The Tea was fun...and I ACTUALLY drank hot tea! (The last two years, I didn't drink any:) It was fun, and the rules to it were rather challenging! You had certain spoons and forks that you used for either the tea or food, and you had to eat the food in a certain order. :)
We didn't have the games because it
was raining, but we did have the picnic inside. Saturday night there was the time when about 25 little girls would jump up and down, trying to be picked as one of the eight to nine girls that would be picked for the "Serenading Act". The chosen daughters would take their dads up on stage, and the dads would have to sing "Edelweiss" or "You are My Sunshine" to their little girls. That was sweet. These two won. (Next year, I'm taking MY dad up there!)
The Butterfly Garden was lovely, and I had one come and sit on my shoulder! I met twins; Sydney and Genesis. They are fun, happy girls that I love to be around.

All of us girls got together and took a group picture, most of us being friends. Then I met "Susan Pevensie"...she came all the way from Narnia. :)
We also went to the chaple on a rainy, stormey day to do our Bible reading. It was very quiet and peaceful.

So, we had a wonderful and blessed week, and I'm already looking forward to next year!
Thus ends the 2009 Father & Daughter Retreat.
Hope to see you next year!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose


Anonymous said...

Oh that was SO much fun!!

~Desiree~ said...

Oh, that look like so much FUN!! I hope that next year also I can meet you. Did you by any chance meet my friend(Samantha Little)? Blessings!

J.J. Biddinger said...

Wow, that is really cool. :)

Miss Julia said...

Hi Hannah! It was so lovely meeting you in person! :)

I hope you don't mind, but I'd really like to use that last picture with me in it on my post! I'm just about to post it so... okay, I know this is technically a bit improper but I'm going to copy it from here and use it and if you'd rather I don't, I'll just remove it later. :P :)


Anonymous said...

I counted only 14 pictures. :P :)

~Miss Rose~ said...

Yes it was!! :D

No, unfortunately, I didn't. :( Maybe next time! :D

Thanks! :)

You too! I do NOT mind if you use it at ALL! :) After all, that's what it's there for. Enjoy, dear sister!

I know...I was exaggerating just a teeny little bit. :)
btw, who are you? Just curious.

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Megan said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. You took some great pictures!


~Miss Rose~ said...

Thanks Megan! :D

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Rache Irene Crosswhite said...

I love your blog! you do a good job on doing posts. Do you remember me from the retreat? Rachel Crosswhite! Don't change a thing. Did you have good trip home? We did. Nice meetting you. Do you all live near Doughton Park? Maybe we could meet for a picnic sometime this spring/summer!! How long have you been posting. What is your email?

~Miss Rose~ said...

Dear Rachel,

Oh how lovely! We're only 7 miles from Doughton Park! Please please give me a ring sometime and maybe we can coordinate stuff. :)
You can contact me over my e-mail (which is on my profile) and I'll give you our number from already have it on the card....
Just give me a ring sometime!
Thanks and have a wonderful day!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for sharing that with us! Those were some great pictures!

Hey. If you get the opportunity, would you
mind praying for the prayer requests that are
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May the Lord bless you and your family!!

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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~Miss Rose~ said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll look at it, but I need to know more about you before I take any steps; hope you understand?

Thanks again! :)
Have a wonderful day.

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Molly said...

Hi Miss Rose!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad your back!!!!!
When I went, it wasn't raining the whole time, so we got to play the games outside, I didn't get to do the games on the stage, but I think I stood on my chair one time:) ( I think I was nine)
It did rain one time, so we had to have the tea party inside.

In Christ,


Breezy said...

Dear Hannah,

What a pleasure it was to meet you! You're such a sweet heart. I'm glad we had the extra bit of time to talk.

I enjoyed all the talks - some were very convicting! I look forward to the many ways God will use this event in our lives.

May God bless you dearie!

~Miss Rose~ said...

Thanks! When was the last time you went? This was our 3rd year. I told my dad that I'm gonna take him up onto the stage next time....:D
Since it was raining, we all got to talk a lot a way, it was a bit more fun! :P :D

It was lovely meeting you, too! You're a dear sister and I hope that we can see each other again next year.

Thanks for the comment!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Molly said...

hm....I think it was 2006...I may be wrong...but I'm pretty sure that's when I went!

P.S. If you went in would of been 11 and I would of been 9! That sounds so weird...

In Christ...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Haley, um, a friend of Madison's.( I really like your blog! Could you send Maddie some stuff about this thing, and let her fwd. it to me?

~Miss Rose~ said...

Well, the first time that I went, which was three years ago, I was 12. Missed each other by a year! :(

Hi Haley! Nice to "meet" you. :) I haven't met Madison in person, but we're friends over blogger. :)
You mean stuff about the F/D Retreat? If you want to know more about that, you can go to They're the ones that put it on. You'll probably have to go to the "Events" page, but I don't know. Wait! You can scroll down a few posts, and I have a link to the page for the Retreat. :)

Hope that helps!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Cassie said...

Hannah, I'm sorry I forgot to do this sooner. Here is my blog's new web address. I'm posting regularly now. I hope to hear from you soon!

~Miss Rose~ said...


Susanna said...

It looked like y'all had so much fun. We were thinking of maybe coming but ended up it being too expensive and too busy a time of year. So glad you could go though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Rose,
My name is Hannah Ashley from Birmingham, Alabama! I am 14 years old! I stumbled across your blog are an encouragement to me! Keep it up!

It seems as though you had an enjoyable time! I attended this retreat a few years ago- a memorable weekend! Oh! I got to sit at the same table with Sydney and Genesis! That was the year that they were called up to do the games with their father on the stage!

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,

Hannah Ashley
Birmingham, Alabama

sarah said...

I was at the retreat! ( I think we met ya'll the last time we went)