Friday, May 15, 2009

My, My...Time Flies..............

From this..... this.... a matter of fourteen years........

In Christ,
~Miss Rose


Cassie said...

I LOVE the baby picture Hannah!

The adorable (and slightly upset :D) baby in that picture has grown into a beautiful and godly young woman who I'm glad to call my friend!

Love and blessings,

Rachel M. said...

What a cute baby!

And a beautiful daughter of the King.


~Desiree~ said...

Aww you are really cute now and then! Yes time does fly just ask my mom.

J.J. Biddinger said...

Haha, I love before/after pictures (or in this case, baby/current pictures). :P

I, too, am 14, and time does fly. =)


Anonymous said...

oh, wait... I"m older....
LOVE your first song, haha!!

Madison said...

Haha!! Aww! I love that picture of you when you were a baby!! =P That is soo cute!


~Miss Rose~ said...

Thank you so much...and I'm glad to call you my friend too! It's only by His grace that I've made it so far, and by His grace, I'll make it to the end.

Rachel M.~
Thank you, Rachel!

*blushes at all of these comments* Thanks! :D

It does always seem to go faster as you get older! *glances at calender* Hey, you know it's only 7 months till Christmas? :D :P

Ha ha! That one jumped back on you, didn't it, my dear friend? :D Feel free to take it if you's definitely not mine! :D

Thanks! I believe that I barely remember that...I think it was a very hot day and I was chilling in front of the fan. As always, I was showing off in front of that magical black, rectangular thing mommy called "the camera". :D

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

~Miss Rose~ said...

By the way, everyone, I hope that you didn't take this post wrong; I was by no means trying to get attention or brag over myself. I had just been going through some pictures and found the first one, and decided that it would be neat to compare the two and show every one what I looked like then and now.

I hope no one thought I was trying to receive praise for myself. :(

God bless!
In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Susanna said...

Wow, time does fly by! For instance, the last time I saw one of my cousins she was a baby and was being held, and then about a year or less passed by and I saw her again and she was walking and looked almost totally different! I miss it when babies grow older and I can't hold them that much. : ( But at least I can watch them grow into Lord willing beautiful young ladies walking in the Lord. Hope you're doing well, Hannah.

~Miss Rose~ said...

I know what you mean! :D
I've got some cousins that did that to me...they were babies, then, without their two years old!!! AH! :D

Anyway, thanks for the comment, and I am doing well. How about you?

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Anonymous said...

Time does fly! However, God is gracious and has blessed this family far above what any of use deserve. Hannah, I pray that God will use you, and all your friends who share this blog with you, to mightily impact this culture for the Kingdom of Christ. We owe Him all we have!

Your Dad...

~Miss Rose~ said...

Hello Daddy!!!
Thanks for commenting! :D
Love you!!!!!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose a.k.a. your daughter

Susanna said...

I doing pretty well. I have another extremely busy week! yay : ( But the best highlight is that I am going over to our farm today and I am going to see my Jeb!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! we might be able to ride too, and the weather here is wonderful (at least today is) and so that will be nice instead of a hot sun burning you up all day! : ) Have to go. Ttyl

~Miss Rose~ said...

Do you own a farm away from your house? How do you feed your animals? That must be fun to ride him! I ride Red sometimes, but it's mostly bareback...he hates going on long rides, though. :( Oh well, at least I get to ride him!! :D

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

nay nay said...

I'm working on a study on music...if your interrested in following check out my blog and leave a comment!
~Have a nice day~

~Miss Rose~ said...

Hi! I'll try to look at it. :) Thanks for telling me!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Susanna said...

Well, yes we have a farm about 30-45 min. away from here, but once we move we can keep our animals at our house! : ) We have a man that works for Papa and he feeds them each day which is very nice.

Yes, Jeb seems to be getting tired out more quickly now. It's sad, but as you said at least I still get to ride him!!!

Anonymous said...

You are really pretty!