Saturday, February 27, 2010

...does anyone know where Spring went?

I want Spring. How is it that when you long for something most, it seems as though it will take years for it to come? Grrrrr. I'm tired of the cold. The dry wind. The mounds of white all over the place. I want warm wind, clear skies, and green grass. Nathan and I have decided that this year, we're going to get in top physical shape. Last year, we had started going on walks, and then bike riding. This year, we're going to do walks, bike riding, AND jogging. I'm looking forward to it. :) Also, another thing I'M looking forward to, is Belle having her baby in May! That will be so neat! *is
hoping to be there when it happens, camera in hand* Anyway. Yeah. The only bad thing about Belle having her baby in May, is we'll miss the Homeschool conference we usually go to each year, and there's a chance we'll miss Memorial Day at Scott Brown's farm. Maybe, at least, we can make it to that. The only catch is, Belle is DUE on that very day. She probably won't have it right then, and it could even run a month early or a month late....who knows. I'm just hoping we can make it. Also, near the end of May, mom and I are going to my cousin's wedding down in Georgia, and I'm supposed to keep the Bride's Book, which means I'd need a nice dress. Well, guess where the first place was mom and I went to look for one? The thrift store. We looked for a while, couldn't find anything, and just as we were about to run out of hope...PRESTO! We found the GORGEOUS white dress, with an empire waist line, princess seems, three white roses on the lower back, scoop necked, floor length, AND short sleeves! YIPPEE! Mom went today to pick it up. It's so beautiful! I'll be sure I have someone take pictures of it, and put them up on my blog so you all can see it. Speaking of pictures. I had promised you pictures from the hospital stay. I had also promised a picture of me with Pippin in a sling. I also intended to put up pictures of a photo-shoot I did called "Wind Blown"'s computer crashed and he hasn't been able to download them. So. His new computer should come next week, and he should be able to download them, I hope. When he does....prepare to be picture bombed. =)
Anyway....yes....I'm rambling. You want to hear something really random? I saw a Volkswagen bug that had monster truck wheels on it, massive headlights on top, and flame pa
int running down the side. Cool, eh? :)

Alright...I'm done. Good evening. :)
In Christ,

P.S. Another random note: Sherlock Holmes rules! ...and Dr. Watson, naturally.


Ivorydancer said...

Like your new profile pic!

Anonymous said...

Miss Rose,

Can't wait to see all the pictures! Don't be afraid to post LOTS!!! :-)

Mary C.

Rebecca said...

Well if your sick of the cold you can come down this way. We went to the beach yesterday with some friends, it was beautiful; not a cloud in the sky, the water was nice too. Oh and the temp was in the 70's.

Argentia Krystofel said...

I kind-of miss Spring and Summer, but I'm also kinda happy with Winter. know what? I just decided today that I would get in shape, too. That's so weird that we've been thinking the same thing! Mom and I went to the community center this morning at 6 and walked a mile (well, I ran 1/8 of it. I love running). I felt really good afterwards. We're also watching what we eat a little more, too. I hope that after all this running and walking and such I can be a better soccer player, catch Cyll more often in tag, and beat more people in races. :P

I'm excited about Belle, too! I bet the baby will be soooo cute...I can't wait to see pics of him/her after him/her is born. :)