Friday, October 15, 2010

Cold Comfort

Alright, excuse my play on of words. :)
It's SO cold! *shivers* I've captured my hoodie and toboggan and won't let them go! They're mine! All miiinnneee!!!!!
...Okay. Sorry. :)
The leaves are disappearing like you wouldn't believe over two weeks, they'll probably be GONE! Ah...I love fall. :) I took a bunch of pictures when I went to feed the horses, so I'll post them.
Today's been OK, but I've been in a baaaaad mood....*growl*' I don't know why. My elbow is killing me, too, because I was tying my hair back in a pony-tail and walking through the doorway when my elbow decided to collide with the door frame, which resulted in a lovely "crack" and me going "OH OW OW OW OOWW!!!" It didn't hurt that bad until later that night...that's when I realized I couldn't straighten it out all the way or put weight on it. Lovely. :I
Anyway...Other than that. I'm fine. :)
I'm not quite sure what to I'll just put up pictures.



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