Monday, October 25, 2010

October Nights

The moon has been absolutely GORGEOUS for the past few nights! I've been going outside, sitting in the middle of the drive way in the dark, watching the moon through the swaying branches, hearing the sound of falling leaves in the dark, beautiful pieces of music playing through my head. So lovely. Ah. :) This morning it was very rainy and dark, and I had left my window open all night, so during the night I'd wake up to the sound of pounding rain and howling wind. I'd roll over sleepily, glancing down from my loft bed into the dark room. I'd smile a little when I saw my floor-length curtains billowing in the breeze, and I'd snuggle in deeper to my covers, pulling the hood on my hoodie over my head, and then be back asleep and in the realm of dreams before I knew it.
I've been wearing this new hoodie mom got me all morning, as it's been so damp and cold! I feel good today. Working out helps. I was lazy last week and didn't do it, so this morning, I got up and DID IT! It really does make you feel better, even if you'd rather die before doing it.
Right now I'm listening to Rising Empire by Immediate Music, and it matches the view out the window; rain is pounding against the house, the wind is howling, leaves are flying from their branches. The perfect piece of music. My favorite. :)
   Yesterday's sermon at church was EXCELLENT. I'm hoping to do a post on it later. If you'd like to listen to it, go to my side-bar and there should be a link to it. Completely worth your time, so if you can, listen!
Alright...I'm done for now. :) Enjoy the pictures! (They look kinda spooky, don't they? Matches perfectly with the billowing curtains!;)


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