Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Fog's White Breath is Frozen Outside....

It is, and it's raining!!!
I'm so glad! We've needed rain for the longest time - God is so good.
Today we had some friends come over, and spent a long time just talking. Don't you love it when you can just sit down with someone and talk? The fellowship of the saints is so just need to talk, and you can. About almost anything. We had a good time - we all did our share of laughing. :)
My friend also gave me a little something her mom found - it's a medallion for the Korean War. I've got it up on my bulletin board right now:

Thanks, friend!

         Anyway....I love the rain. My friend and I were talking about it at lunch, looking out the window at it falling from ash gray skies. It puts you in such a reverie frame of mind, if you ask me. I love to sit there and just watch it. It's so nice. It's still raining right now....pit-pat against my window. The fog is frozen outside. The wind is blowing. It's so lovely. (And if I write in my journal, the color of the pen is absolutely purple!!!) I love rain. I can sit and think...about everything. I can pray for people, watching the little drops of water and knowing that if God rules these, He without a doubt rules those people. 
I walked outside today in muck boots and a blue jacket, along with a black toboggan, to go and switch the horses around; as I said something to Nathan, I saw my breath form into a white fog, and when Nathan replied, his did, too. I took in the sensation of the cold that was biting my face, and the little wind-blown droplets of water that misted my eyes, and the sounds of rain falling through the trees....I took it all in. I closed my eyes for a second, breathed deeply, and enjoyed it. 
        I love my dear friends. Those I see often, those that are far away...they're so...amazing. We all have our faults. All of us. Sometimes we get kinda ticked at the other....but....we have to forgive. None of us are perfect, by any means. We're all sinful. Horribly, sinful. We have to remember it. 
Sometimes those we know are blinding by the bright lights of the world....we have to pray for them. Pray that they'll get back on track. 
        Something I've come to realize: no one's on the same page on everything. No one. A lot of us look for a person that thinks exactly the same way we do, but it doesn't happen. We have to accept them, pray for them, and realize that they probably think the same thing about us. But, think about it....assuming you're both Christians, we have fellowship in Christ to share!!!
When Jesus was with His disciples, I'm guessing that they were NOT on the "same page" as Him on everything. They tried to be, in a lot of cases, but in so many things, I'm sure they weren't. There's always disagreement between friends. There's never a perfect friendship.
         That, dear readers, is something we must remember.  

I love you all, dear friends. I love you all....

Always Fighting,

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