Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Feet

Are you happy? If not - why? Why not, is what you need to ask. Why not be happy? You've got only one life to live on this earth. Think of all the people you're in contact with - do they think you're generally a happy person? Do you smile a lot? Do you laugh? Do people love to hear you laugh? When something's up (or down...), can people tell, because you're not your "normal, happy self?"
Laugh. Try smiling. Why not? BE! HAPPY! Sure, we all have our "off" days, but for a huge part of the time, we should be happy.
We do NOT need to go through life with a frown and stone-cold face. We need to go through life beaming with smiles! Try smiling, people. Give it a chance.
Here's the challenge for the up-coming week: Operation: Happy Feet.
Remind yourself to smile. To LAUGH! Shoot...if I couldn't laugh, I'd burst!!! (And a legion of people could testify to that!)
Laugh! Laugh like you never have before!!! Call a best friend - make a joke - watch something funny. PRAY for joy.

Be joyful. Be happy. Laugh.

Always Fighting,

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