Friday, February 11, 2011

Is It Just Me.....

...or does that dog look a lot like Pooh-Bear? =D decided on a name. *Sniff*....Dillon. 
Oh well. Thus it was written, thus it was done. I shall have my vengeance and name the next animal that comes our way...>:D

We've been doing some HUGE cleaning today! I woke up this morning and randomly went, "Mom, let's make this a cleaning day!"
Hopefully some friends of ours will be coming up in July to stay a few days - and I did NOT want those devilish little dust-bunnies that hide under our furniture to sneak out at night and strangle them! When I say cleaning, I mean cleaning. Vacuuming the base-boards cleaning. Dusting the doors and fans cleaning. Washing every window cleaning. Scrubbing the kitchen floor on hands and knees cleaning. Straightening both decks and yard cleaning! And, as I type, mom's in the shower on her hands and knees defeating the dreaded Lord of Soap Scum!
....Needless to say, I'm tired. But, it's been nice cleaning. I like cleaning. It's...a hobby. =)

Oh well. Now I must go and tackle the Dirty Dish Duke that is waging a never ending battle in the kitchen. Then mom shall duel the Sticky Floor Master with her faithful weapon, the mop and rag.

Always Fighting (the dirt, dust and drudge)

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