Saturday, April 9, 2011


So, I'm sure you've heard me use that expression a lot. I really like it, because it's true.
Not "fighting" as in trying to get at each other's necks, but "FIGHTING!" as in keep going!
It really is true, you know. I say that to myself a lot because I have to remind myself to keep going.
For instance - here's one thing I'm working on.
Our body is the temple of God, right? Shouldn't we work to keep it in good shape?

1 Cor 9:26-27:
Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air;  but I discipline my body and keep it in control.

(That's only part of a verse, by the way...)
But this is what I'm working on. "I discipline my body and keep it under control."
We shouldn't let our appearances just rot, should we??? If we take care of our bodies, not only does it do us wonders, but it's honoring God! And no, I'm not saying go anorexic to lose weight...that's a no no. I mean WATCH what you eat and don't gorge yourself! Our family's back on the "low-carb" diet, and I feel SO much better! More energy! More strength! More dance power! :P (I like to dance...)
God blessed us with the bodies we have...we should take care of them.
Wash your hair - don't let it get careless.
Wash your body with good soaps - take care of everything from your face to your feet.
Feel fresh in the mornings. Dress up, if you have to!
Drink lots of water - don't feed yourself junk food.

Don't JUST take care of your bodies, but take care of your souls, too, friends.
When you get up, just don't do your physical exercise - do your spiritual exercise, too!

Anyway - I just wanted to say that. Thus...Fighting! =D
Keep fighting, friends - you'll be rewarded one day!

Always FIGHTING, ^.^

P.S. It's POURING here! Really! 3:39 and it looks like it's about 7:30! Dark! Sheets of rain! Storms! Thunder!!!
(And last night it did the same thing - I forgot to close my window, and was woken up at 1:53 in the morning by rumbling thunder. I rolled over, looked down at my window, and saw my curtains billowing in, and it lightninged! It was soooo cool!

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