Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Tale of Two Savages....

Okay, well...not necessarily. ^.^ 
Close enough, though. 
We had a BLAST! It was SO much fun! She's my girl, and I let the whole world know it! My Best Friend is absolutely amazing. 
The "Tale of Two Savages" actually came from a book title we saw while browsing the loads of used books they had at the Conference. For some reason, we latched on to it, so - there you are. 
I LOVED seeing her again - I cried later after we had parted and were on the way down the road because I knew it would be a long time before I saw her again. We had such a...beautiful time. 
The talks were amazing, and one was done by a man named Todd Wilson that was SUPER! Very, very good. 
My BFF and I were able to get a StarBucks coffee (YUM!) after staying up until 4:15 in the morning. Mom and I were staying the night at her house, and it was the "Lights Out" rule at 2:30. Well, we stuck to that - and were so tired we couldn't keep our eyes open. As soon as the lights went out, we hit and adrenaline high and began to chat. 2:30 very soon turned into 4:15, and we realized since we were getting up at 6:20 in the morning, we'd better get some sleep! We talked about SO much... >.> 
So - to sum it all up, another chapter was written in the Tale of Two Savages. We had the most AMAZING time - God is so good! 

To my Soul Sister - THANK YOU for being there! I LOVE YOU! Stay strong in Him!

Always Fighting,

 I LOVE this one - I have NO idea what this girl is doing....Singing an emotional ballad? >.0

 A REALLY bad case of the giggles...

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