Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There and Back Again

Yes, I'm back from Memorial Day.
We had an absolute blast on Saturday and Sunday - I got to go to Barnes and Noble with mom and Nathan, and was in absolute Journal Heaven - picking one was so hard! I eventually passed up the 40.00 + amazing leather journal with an engraved dragon on it that looked like it had jumped out of Lord of the Rings, and bought a small hardback one with an awesome design that says "For I Know the Plans I Have For You" on the front, along with the Scripture reference.
It's nice. :) I then bought a caramel macchiato at StarBucks and enjoyed it immensely. I didn't get a peppermint mocha, because it makes me sad.

Sunday evening, after church, we went to the pool that was in the Embassy Suites hotel. Ah. I haven't gone swimming in ages! I commenced in flipping in the water, diving after squids with my brother, and trying to strangle dad so Nate could get the water gun away from him. It was very fun. :)
Monday, we went to the Memorial Day service at Scott Brown's farm. It was very, very good, and the veterans that spoke had some amazing, tear jerking stories to tell.
I got to see some of my old friends, and talk to a very good friend who I've known for three years or so. He was a coast guard, and we talk every year. I very much so enjoy his company!

Yes, a very good time. I'm tired, though. And slightly depressed... not quite sure why. I'm a depressing person. :P
Now I'm sitting here typing away, sipping at coffee in my favorite Japanese mug, and listening to some good music. ...and my brother humming the Gladiator theme in the kitchen.

Oh, and we also went to the Museum of Natural Sciences and History in downtown Raleigh - fun... but full of evolution. (In the Natural Sciences one, of course.)

My Max says to tell all of you hello, and a hearty thanks for the birthday wishes!

- Hannah

 Huge Humpback whale skeleton
This little boy was mesmerized by the fish! (And by my camera - he asked to see it by holding his hand out and grinning. He was so cute!!)
Isn't she pretty?? This is what the plaque said:
"1928. Miss Kagawa, one of 58 doll ambassadors of goodwill
given to places in the United States by Japan, is received by North Carolina
as a symbol of peace and friendship. She is the only Japanese Friendship Doll 
to remain on display throughout World War II"
I LOVE this picture! Here my Warrior Brother stands, publicly, with his
"The Lie: Evolution" T-shirt under the huge lie, proclaimed as fact, of evolution and 
millions of years. I took several pictures like this of him. I'm sure he 
got more than one strange look!

Eeek! 0.0 My bro and dad with the BIG bees. ^.^
(They're bee fans, of course...)

 My dad at the History Museum
 They had a section for the Korean War, and I really liked the picture under this one...
The things they had there belonged to this soldier, and his name was Dan - the Korean
beside him, he said, was called "Po", because they couldn't pronounce
his name. Po was a student who became personal friends with Dan, and if you look
closely, you can see Korean writing at the bottom where Dan had him sign the photo.

 The Hotel

And for some reason, I was highly intrigued by the parking deck...
I could SO see some awesome chase here. I was so giddy!
I got butterflies in my stomach, playing the whole thing out - assassin staying calm, coming down the flight of stairs as the noise of rushing footsteps above him are heard.
Walking quickly to the exit - a shot is fired. He ducks, and takes off, out into the parking deck, jumping the rail. Dripping water on the cement, dim lighting, reflections in puddles. Finally he races to the slick black Chevy Avalanche in the corner of the deck, and the ultimate car chase takes place. Ah... bliss. ^.^

And here's that coast guard I mentioned. Pete Sowell is a
great guy. I love talking with him! He's my friend. I very,
very much enjoy his company.
This is Bill Henderson. He's been attending there for several years now.
At one point, during the talks, I leaned over and said,
"I wanted to thank you for what you did, sir."
He patted my hand with his good one, and said back,
"Oh, it was a privilege, dear. A privilege."
 The Price brothers
 Lots of people attended - I loved the crowd!

Mr. Henderson enjoying the Swing music that was played...
You know it had to bring back so many memories for him!
This man gave an amazing story. At 11 years old, he was taken
to a German concentration camp. He lived in Poland, and still has a 
heavy accent - it was a little hard to understand him.
One thing he said made me cry, as he choked up on his own words.
"Here they separated the men and women. I look, and see my mother and sister.
I wave to them, and ..."
His voice choked, and he finished with sentence with difficulty.
"... I never saw them again."

It was a very good time. I'm glad we went ...

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