Saturday, June 25, 2011

*Collapses into a Happy Heap*

I'm back! I'm back! I'm BAAAAAAACK! *collapse*
It. Was. The. BEST. TIME. EVER!
God is SO good! I can't tell you how good! I can't! It won't come out! AH!
We got there at around lunch time, ate with some friends, and then headed off to film an Ultimate Frisbee game, take loads of pictures, and be the unofficial photographer for a Nerf battle that was taking place behind Rish Hall. It was... so much fun.
The VIPs soon won the game. And they even had music! One of the guys there was playing his electric guitar up on the balcony and had an amp hooked up to it. We hung around until about 5:00, and then went to eat dinner at the cafeteria. Actually, it was the game room that had been converted into a cafeteria for the time being, seeing as the other was under construction. :) After that, mom, Bekah, Nate and I went back to the hotel to freshen up before the evening lecture and dance. The lecture was AMAZING. He was talking about the armor of God, and we can't just pick and chose what we like - we ARE in a battle, and we must have our weapons. Very excellent indeed.
At 9:00... it was time for the dance. My friend Caroline and I went back to her dorm so she could get something to eat - we walked down the sidewalk, street lights gleaming above us and shining on the grass, giving it a surreal look, and finally made it up to the second floor. When the elevator door opened, we were greeted by four guys in trench coats. They were perfectly harmless, I can assure you. ^.^
She grabbed something to eat, I drank half of my frappucino, and we were off again, this time down to the "Dome". It's actually just a big gym. Once again the light on the big grassy field was awesome. We were having butterfly moments. ^.^
I'll have you know that I danced every single dance from 9:00 until 12:15, except for three. Postie's Jig was by FAR my absolute favorite, and WE. WERE. FLYING.
And the result... my feet are killing me, my back is sore, I'm exhausted... but I'd do it all again.
After the dance was over, the "Gang" got together outside, and we had one of those moments where everything is right. Everything is good, and it can't get better. Where you feel so close to absolutely everyone, and where you can feel God with you. Where music is blasting in your head, and you must say, "Tonight IS a beautiful night!" Where you have to grasp your friend's hand and tell them that you love them, and make sure they know that the reason their friendship is strong, is because God is there. Because Jesus died for us. Because we are brothers and sisters in Him!!!! Because we can trust each other - because we can love each other with the friendliest of loves, and you get this feeling in your heart that says, "It's gonna be okay... everything's going to be alright."
Once back in our hotel room, after driving down the neon lit roads, and wanting to cry for joy, the first thing I did was walk into the bathroom, lock the door, get on my knees, and thank God for such a beautiful night. For all of the friends that I have. For those who weren't there that night.

And now, I can tell you as I fact... I did collapse into a very, very happy heap.

- Hannah

 Praying after the Battle

 The Sound Man!
 Nathan and his buddy returning from a Zombie attack

 Watching the video
 The weapons

 Ultimate Frisbee!!!

And here's some videos for you guys...


Anonymous said...

Oh my word!! I wish I had been there; it looks like you had SO much fun!!! That last video had me laughing so hard; mostly because I kept seeing 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' in my head while watching you dance!! (Without the theatrics, of course!) You look so beautiful!!!
~ Mirriam

Hannah Leigh said...

Mirriam -
Heyo, girl! I DID! I'm still having a hangover - a beautiful hangover!
Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!! Hopefully you can come next year!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lok's like great fun!!! We don't have any of that over here in Australia =(
Do you have any tip on how to get people following my blog?
Ruby x

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Hi! YES! I had a BLAST!
Hey - have you heard of Ken Ham? He's from Australia. Maybe you can find out if he's doing some stuff over there this year. It's worth a shot!

Hmmmm... well... I've had my blog for three years, and I only have 88 followers. It just takes time. I'm following your blog, so, people should get directed to it at some point.
Just keep trying!

- Hannah