Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last 30 Days of Sweet 16

It's true... My last thirty days of Sweet and Sour Sixteen has arrived.
I'm kinda sad. I'm sure I'll do a long post on my Birthday looking back over SSS... so I won't talk your ears off just yet. ^.^
But... you know... no more sixteen! It's a little sad... sixteen will never happen again. At church, we had some friends visit, and a fellow "sixteener" shared a high five with me that we were the same age, and then another friend, who's already seventeen, says, "Entering the seventeens, are we?" Yes. We are. Strangely enough.
Entering seventeen.
I'd better enjoy my last few days of Sweet and Sour Sixteen. Sometimes wonderful sixteen, other times, horrible sixteen.
A big growing year for me sixteen has been. Huge. I look back and think, "Yipes! What happened to me???" I'm so different in SO many ways! Eeek! I just wonder what seventeen will be... how will my seventeen be written? Then it will be my eighteen, my nineteen... and up it goes. For some strange reason, I've got a feeling that my 19 will be a big one... and I don't know why. It's like... something huge will happen on my 19. We'll see!

I'll enjoy my last 30 days!

- Hannah

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