Friday, June 17, 2011

Of Notebooks, Elves, and Life

Photo from Google Images

Yes, I'm an elf lover, a dragon tamer, and a journeying writer that sometimes dives headlong into fantasy. I go through spells like that, you know?
There's something very attractive about elves... and dragons. I'm a dragon maniac. Yes, I am. I love dragons. I think they're amazing - and yes, I do believe that they were in existence. Some fearsome, fire-breathing - others gentle and big babies. ^.^ I'd love to own a dragon.

I had mentioned several posts back a notebook that I acquired sometime ago  -  this is it! I love this thing! And here's a few photos of what I like to put in it...

Yes... I enjoy doing things like this. :)
Yesterday, when I went to feed the horses, Silkie had gone buckwild, so I took a whole bunch of pictures of her. Crazy horse... (WARNING: Kids, don't try this at home... it could get you killed, like I almost have countless times.... =.= The things us photographers will do for a good picture.)

And here's my Max! Hasn't he grown! *faint* I love my boy! I was standing there petting him, and he turns around and snorts at me, as I had been relating to him my stressful day, and I pat his head sympathetically, "I gotcha boy..." I could of sworn he blinked at me with a dull expression...
Yes, yes... life is good. Slightly stressful and lots of headaches, but good.
Oh - and I got my hair cut the other day... the lady practically chopped it off! It's the shortest it's ever been! I don't have any pictures... yet. I'll try to get some!

Life is good, and God is good. I also go a Prayer Journal, which I'm already in love with - I can keep a recored of the people/things I pray for, and on the side, I have an "Answered:" section, where I can write down the date He answered. Amazing! I write down my prayers in it... so... hopefully, one day I can look back and see an answer to some of my most fervent ones. :) Get a journal!
Praise Him for our blessings!

- Hannah


Farmgirl said...

lol,love the first photo!!!

Yeah,I only had one horse and I swear he would make his goal to freak me out by running and bucking at me!

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha! I know what you mean...
she ran RIGHT at me, and if I hadn't jumped out of the way, she would have kicked me - because she turns right on a split second and kicks. Brat! ^.^