Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Walks

I went for a walk this morning and absolutely loved it! I told myself, "I'm going to go for a walk with Jesus." That's what I did. It was great!
The temperature is wonderful, and the breeze was ecstasy. I took 79 pictures just on that walk!
I talked to God about all sorts of stuff... my friends, my family, life, people across the world, and, yeah, my future husband. ^.^ I've actually been thinking about him a lot lately...
I went down to the river and sat there on a warm rock, feet splashing in the cold mountain water that rushed by. I kept wishing my best friend was there - we'd be having such a good time!
Ah, and I can't forget to mention that I was thinking about my Birthday next month. ... NEXT MONTH!? *faint* Uhg... my last month of being 16. And I say goodbye to sweet and sour sixteen. Kinda sad, actually. (I'm in the mood... listening to Secret Garden through my earbuds...)
The sun was warm on my face, and I sat back, closed my eyes, and listened to the rushing, gurgling water. I was in a cascade of thoughts, just as beautiful and as cold as the water that rushed over the rocks. Not sad thoughts... but very, very thoughtful thoughts. (That's my term for them...)
Thoughtful thoughts.
My mind was rushing just like that river. Jesus, prayer, friends, songs, family, Prince Charming, prayer subjects, older brothers, Heaven, drama, love, life.
It was all there - cascading, slipping away, all in a white foam and cold. Amazingly cold, yet beautiful. Lovely, yet foggy. 
I enjoyed it so much. I loved it. I treasured it in my heart. 

Where does life go? What is time, this strange stuff, that runs through our fingers like air? 
Why is it so beautiful, yet so painful sometimes? 
I love it. This stuff... I love it. My life becomes like drama. 

The people in my world... I can say to them from "Remember When it Rained", 
"Tears of hope run down my skin... tears for you that will not dry." 

They are of hope... and they will not dry. 
I am a warrior, and I don't fight alone. 
"Don't cry - it may seem like you're alone, but look around you; you're not the only one." 
Baby, don't cry. I'll smile if I do. 
Because life is beautiful... because life is His. 

- Hannah

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