Saturday, July 16, 2011


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The quiet aroma of a latte; it feels slightly flat today.
The rain falls outside the window, a faint fog holds its breath.
Pointing out the sleepless night, tonight where I struggle with the shrinking pencil lead.
Over the radio, same old song, Do Re Mi Fa Sol Sol -
Yeah, I'm here now alone.
Of all days, of all days, above my head you fly around.
A flowing silence, cold wind blows, and it repeats again, every night, of all days.
And I think about you again, and as the sun turns to a glowing read, I pray again the prayer that you need most.
I'm walking on the top of the world, the top of the world, and and I want to know that you're well - and I'll pray the prayer that you need most.
Because He's faithful, I'll pray, though I miss you, top of the world.
I can't deny, yes, I keep crying, because everything's so beautiful, and you're eyes are closed to His creation.
There's so many of you out there that don't know - that don't understand Him - so that's why I close my eyes, and I pray the prayer that you need most.
I want you to know, that I love you, that I'll always pray, whoever you are, wherever you are. There's not much I can do, because I don't know you, I haven't met you - but I can pray, and I will.
You can't act like nothing's wrong, because in the end, everything will collapse around you, and even now I pray that I can one day hold your hand and show you Him. And I remember, I'm already holding your hand by praying.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, I pray the prayer that you need most.

 Something struck me. Something I had to do. I felt God prompting me, and as strange as it was, I obeyed. I closed my eyes, and began to pray for you.

- Hannah

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