Friday, September 16, 2011

Poems from the Heart

 I've decided to start a series of poems, hopefully, that are meant to relate to many people's situations. This one is about writing a person who isn't saved; I know lots of people in this situation, who are trying to be a light, so that's one reason for this.

Now, when I say 'poetry' - I'll warn you - I'm not good at it! I've never really written it, so this is more of an "emotional thought chain". ^.^ Just deal with it. =D 
I hope you like it... even if it's not that great. :) If you have any subjects you'd like me to write about, leave a comment and give me the details - maybe I can do something for you!


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"A Letter"

I sit at my desk, holding loosely a pen
I gaze out at the rain, wondering when
I'll be able to tell you just how I feel.

I search the Bible, looking for words -
something I can say, write down, that will make sense.
Why is it so hard? Why won't they come?
Some people think this is silly – but I'm not having fun.

Rain blurs outside sounds and lights;
I wonder what you're doing –
why are you so blinded by the world's plights?

And here I am, searching for something to say,
but it doesn't come easy – a letter to you.
You're so lost, you keep turning away;
What can I write that will make it through?

A letter is all I have to give – a letter and prayers.
It's all I can do, though I feel like I'm doing nothing.
A letter, one that I don't even know will make it to your hands;
Time passes by, still words slip past me like sand.

My stoic writer, why do you cry?
Even when you don't, I see it in those deep, vivid eyes.
You smile while they're looking – while they're not, you turn away;
There's a burden on your heart, even if you ignore what I say.

You mean the world to me, and even I don't understand;
what is all this? Why is this happening, this great, interwoven plan?
Sometimes you're so close I can touch you, but still so far away -
other times you're great distances, but I feel like I can hear what you say.

Stop standing tall – kneel down and bow
The Lord of all made you – cast down your pride.
The world may love you, but in the end it only brings pain -
I'm here to pray for you with tears,
that you'll lose this lifestyle so that you may gain.

If I didn't love you, I'd never risk being hated by you for what I say -
Listen to me: this is my heart – for you I pray.
Hand over your stubbornness, get rid of this hate -
He will wash you, rid all dirt from your life slate.

A letter is all I can do – a letter for you.
I pick up my pen, and before God I pray:
"Give me wisdom, use me for what You want to say-
You are the potter, I am the clay."

You're deep eyes search for something – some sort of truth;
it's before your face, but you resist, wanting proof.
For years you struggled to be at the top,
but now you're there, you're wondering if you should stop.

Your obstinate heart screams no, but deep inside,
you know what you should do, the path you should go.
Life is slipping past you, and you're on your way to destroying it -
stop, listen, hear what He says – the Law is in your very bones; you try to deny,
but every night alone, you keep crying, deep inside.

You stand tall on stage, put on a stoic face.
The lights glare down at you – you used to blink in their brightness;
but now you only stare, used to its blindness.
Sweat beads down your skin, and with a strong voice,
you try to let out what you feel – but you know there's something deeper,
something you don't quite understand...
so here I sit, pen in hand.

Maybe I can tell you, maybe I can express
the hurt that I feel when I watch you under so much worldly stress.
If only you knew His peace, if only you would surrender all;
if only you would cast away your pride, bow down and fall.

To you I write, to you this letter – to you my heart.
Forget that deafening roar for only a moment while I tell you,
Listen to what He has to say.
The tears I've cried for you, I can't count them all.
I look out my window as the seasons change; Summer is fading to Fall.

With all of my heart I will write, I will pray, I will cry -
With everything inside of me, through Him I will try.
Look up to the blue sky, you know He's there;
He's watching you; you can't escape, from Him there's nowhere.

The city lights are shining bright, the cold winds begin to blow.
This letter, this one letter, I whisper a prayer, and let it go.
It's in His hands now, and I hope it comes to yours;
This letter for you.

A letter is all I can give, a letter to you.
You're missing, but you're always a heartbeat from me.
I don't know where you are; I keep watching, I keep hoping -
If I could be close beside you, I'd tell you about Him,
If I could reach out and touch you, I'd show you His light.

You claim Him, but you don't live Him, and so many times I've cried;
My beautiful person – may you surrender all and stand by His side.
So I pick up my pen, gaze out the window, stare at the blank page,
and I begin to write fervently, praying that you'll be released from the world's cage.

This letter is all I have, this letter to you.
Gray clouds loom outside, a cold wind blows;
Does this sound familiar?
You stand on a hill of dancing reeds alone.

This letter, this letter for you – I write it with my heart, praying that it will come through.
This letter... this letter to you.

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