Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where I'd Be...

A rainy day in Seoul...
      the streets still move, the cars still hum by, but there's something different when it rains. Things change. Suddenly, the lights inside buildings seem warmer, more inviting. You begin to wonder, just what are other people thinking as they walk by, umbrellas in hand? The water slips away, pools in the roads; a car sprays it against the sidewalk - maybe against you. Rain. Beautiful, thoughtful rain...

This video is very beautiful if you turn down the volume on it a little, and pick a thoughtful piece of music from the playlist on my sidebar.

a rainy day.
a rainy day in Seoul.

What are you doing today?


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Get my letter?? You would have for shore by now... :P
Hope you liked it anyways :)

Gus what? yesterday afternoon I went over to check on my little welsh mare who is in foal and found she had waxed up!! So last night I was on foal watch. (she is a little tiny thing and we expect her to have a big foal so we have to keep a close eye on her incase something goes wrong.) I had to camp out in the stable and check her every few hours or so (she had a foal alarm on). I was woken to a loud sound of the alarm and looked out to find her sitting down. I was SO exited but after a wile nothing really happened and she got up again! grrrrrr..... that went on all night but seeing it is her very first foal it may take a little wile for her to foal. she still hasn't done anything so I will keep you posted!! =D
Ruby xx

Hannah Leigh said...

Yes! I did! I'm getting 'round to replying to it. :)
OOOH! That's amazing! I hope she has it soon; let me know! Give her lots of love! =D