Monday, August 1, 2011

Evening Prayer

Photo from Google Images
Father, I thank you for this wonderful day.
I got a lot of things done, and it was very nice to talk to You.
Thank you for my friends, my family, that I'm loved, even though I'm a little crazy. (Okay, well, REALLY crazy!:)
You are SO good to me, Father! I don't deserve You, your mercy.
Thank you that you made me who I am - and, oh Lord - use me. Use even me. Someone so undeserving.
I want you to be glorified in everything I do. I want you to have the glory.

Please help me to shine with Your light. May people look at me and see you!
You're might and your power are so... humbling.
I was up petting my horses earlier, and quoting Job about the horses as I watched my own, her strong neck stretching with muscle.

May you be praised, Father. Teach me your word.
In your most awesome, amazing name,

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