Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello, Us

And here we are, the minds behind the book. ^.^
My plotting buddy - Caroline. (And yours truly, of course; along with my favorite shirt. ^.^)
I was writing today, and thought, "You know - "Cafe" wouldn't be where it's at without her..."
So, I shall say it:
Thank you for being my support and library! =D =D =D
Honestly - she's planned so many scenes and small details with me; my book would never be as good as it's getting without her!
As you can see - this picture shouts us: everything from the shirt I'm wearing, our smiles, to the chipped alley wall behind us. Hello, us.
My friend of nearly eight years, and my brainstorming extraordinaire for pretty much every book I've plotted. (And not finished, haha!) She's the best - thanks, Caroline, for storming with me on the smallest details. >.<
It's always great to have someone to go over plots with.
So, us - keep plotting. We'll continue to wound our characters, nurse them back to health, and then hug them.


- hannah


Argentia Krystofel said...

Awww, you're so sweet! :D I love you!
And, don't worry-I think you can finish this book! ^.^
I love brainstorming with you...I also love beating up characters.
Darn it.
Now I'm thinking about beating up DaeHyun again.


Hannah Leigh said...

MEEP! *smothers you in hugs*
*evil laugh*
Yes, yes... we'll throw a stab in there for good measure. >.<

Argentia Krystofel said...

*hugs back*


Ah, yes, we must. No matter how...awful it is. T.T
I'm also looking forward to Justin, can you tell by the email I sent you?
Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin...

*is hopelesS*

Hannah Leigh said...

Awful, indeed. *cringe* I'll make it very painful. You know, the muted, dull 'whump' of a blade entering flesh? Yes... painful.
Poor guyyyyyy!!! (Remind me again why we're doing this?!)

Yes, very looking forward! This dear child... >.<

*is hopeless with you*

Argentia Krystofel said...

I...don't know why we're doing this.

EEK, I can almost hear it! O.o

Yes, this dear child...

Grace for Anna said...

Hello Hannah,

Good to know you here on blogspot. I was following someone on this network and she included you to one of her favorites. And yes your post is worth reading. Keep on.

Hope to be friends with you,

Hannah Leigh said...

Hello! Thanks so much for replying; it's great to be meet you on blogspot, too!
You're blog is very encouraging; you keep it up, too!

Be strong!

- hannah