Thursday, January 26, 2012

And Now I'm....

(1. Long overdue in this post, and
(2. ... an elder's daughter! ^_^

After two years of training, my dad's become and elder in our church. I'm so proud of him. ^_^
Monday night was very memorable for me. One, of course, because dad was ordained, and two, because our church became a particular church. It's been a mission church for around fourteen years - we've only been going eight. Since dad became a ruling elder, and we already had a teaching elder, we could now be established. (The Bible says that there are to be a plurality of elders (Hebrews 13:7) - it's elderS, and not elder, and so on in other verses. There is never just one mentioned.)
Dad's been working for TWO YEARS to complete his training, so it was very - *sniff* - emotional when he went up there and they gave him the vows. I started tearing up then - but when they laid their hands on him, then I *did* cry. (You should have heard it in that room - all you could hear, other than the amazing prayer, was *sniff, sniff* *tissue pulled from holder* - I joined in. ^_^) Then, when the charge was given and we were announced as a particular church - augh. I cried even more. I couldn't stop. It was like you could feel something really big in that building. A pastor from another church who was there said, "This is only the beginning - God is about to do great things. You have been called here for a reason, and you are to reach out to those around you and present them with the living Word of God."
Wow - it was just... bwah. I can't describe it. I have to admit; I was sooo proud of dad when he went up there. (In a good way, of course! ^_^) We had such a beautiful night, and honestly - I'll never forget it. Those were the best two hours I've ever spent sitting in that church as the pastors and elders of other churches presented prayers and charges to us, and gave us encouragements and read the Bible. The best ever.
Afterward, we stayed for about another two, laughing, talking, and enjoying the food that had been prepared. I got to hang out with my dear friends, and when I went home...

... I was one happy girl.

Aaaand here's 'The Gang' - bad quality picture, I know. --.-- Sorry!


Autumn said...

Congratulations to your Dad!!!! What an honour and great calling!!! It looks like it was a momentous occassion(sp?) may God bless your Dad and give him the strength needed to serve Him in this amazing calling.

Argentia Krystofel said...

It was truly wonderful to see all of this. Two years ago I honestly thought the church would always be a mission church and never be established.

And, I was also really happy for your Dad. I know he worked super-hard these past two years. ^.^

It was a really amazing night. The sermon and exhortations were ones which really made me think.

Anonymous said...

Congrat's to your dad!!!! =D

I am sending you a little something in the mail tomorrow so you should get it pretty soon i'd recon! =P
Ruby xx
p.s How is darling Max going? Give him a big kiss for me!!!!!!!! :)

Timeless Trinkets said...

We are very grateful to your dad for his diligent work and study to make this possible. God has given him the harvest due to his sowing. We love your family and will keep ya'll in our prayers as I know this is a big responsibility.
Sorry about being so late to post this.

Hannah Leigh said...

Ruby -
Thanks! I'll be looking for it in the mail. Max is doing great, and still growing like a weed - he's so BIG!!!

Timeless Trinkets -
Thanks so much! I appreciate the love and care we get. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you guys! Thanks so much again!

- Hannah