Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The Winter has passed, now Spring has come...

Again tonight, under the blue moonlight, I will probably fall asleep again, dreaming of you. Even in my dreams, I look for you; I wander around while singing this song, under these shades of blue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah!
I've started a new blog up (it's not finished) so if you wanted to see it here is the link,

Are you sad winter is ended? Im actually looking forward to it! LOL! I can wear my new trench coat and use my yard boot's out with the horses plus have the fire going! yay!

Nelly x :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Haha, no, I'm actually looking forward to warmer weather. It's just a thoughtful piece regarding people and Winter. ^_^

Cool! I'll go check it out!

Anonymous said...

Cool, yeah, lovely post by the way :)
Hey check out this youtube, I want an elephant suit now! LOL!

=P Nelly x