Friday, February 10, 2012

It Doesn't Seem That Way....

The world doesn't seem so big, does it?
But then I look at the globe in my brother's room, and I can't help but suddenly feel very small and subdued.
I look up at the sky, and it suddenly seems like it will swallow me.
It's because I'm just a tiny dot - and so much space lies between. It abruptly seems like I can't go anywhere, because of the massive size of it all. I feel like I can't move, let alone breathe.
I reach towards the sky and try to imagine the distance - but it doesn't work. It's too big. So big, I think I might cry. I stand in awe before the God I serve...
That sun through the trees... it's rising on some other country, setting on mine. Mine. 
America is my country. No matter how corrupt and perverted - I still live here. I wish it weren't so twisted.
I wish it weren't so big.

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